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The Dawn of Mercy: Muhammad in Makkah

Can you imagine one who was the gentlest of men, while being the most brave and just of all human being?

We’re telling the most beautiful story that was ever told about the most beautiful and merciful of all human beings who ever lived.

And we didn’t send you except as a mercy to all of the worlds.

He is the source of guidance, he is the straight path.

He was the best husband to his wife. He was the best father to his daughters. He treated them kindly.

The greatest of the Prophets, the brother of Jesus and Moses, the son of Abraham, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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Who never looked down on a popper or flatter once a prince, who called every soul to the One God, without even a flinch.

Before the Prophet (peace be upon him) was granted prophethood, in Makkah, he was known for being truthful and trustworthy.

The First Supporter

Angel Gabriel came to him and hugged him in that cave at night and he told him: “Read”.

And the person who gave that sense of tranquility to him was his wife, Khadijah.

The prophetic experience began with him in her arms.

Behind every great man is a great woman. But in Islam, we say: “beside every great man is a great woman.”

The prophet, taken aback at what Allah said, “they would kick me out of my hometown?”

Your Lord has not forsaken you nor is He displeased.

The Quran

If someone has to think about the miracle Islam, the only right answer is the Quran.

Every recitation of the Quran begins with an invocation to the compassion and mercy of God.

The Quran gives us a bigger picture. It, in fact talks about faith. It talks about having a trust in God Almighty.

It tells us how important it is for those who are established in the Muslim community to help their less fortunate.

If you read the Quran, the word that’s repeated the most is God (Allah), almost 3000 times.

The Quran is the book that you communicate with Him because, in fact, you’re communicating with yourself.

A Story of Fortitude

When people yelled and lost their cool around, he was calm. He asked forgiveness for his enemies even as they did him wrong.

One of the amazing individuals in our history was persecuted.

She was the first human being to give her life to Islam. She was Islam’s first mother, and her name was Sumayyah.

If you can imagine how difficult that must have been for him to publicly being ridiculed by his own family.

Muslims, in the past, have always used these periods of difficulty as a spiritual opportunity.

The story of Followership

Within his company felt light and sacred cheer and there was not a living in the creation that he feared.

The Prophet Muhammad had an amazing quality and that he was more concerned about the quality of life with an individual as opposed to the quantity of the individuals that he was affected.

Abdullah ibn Mas’ud was the sixth person to accept Islam. This is an individual without whom we wouldn’t have the complete Islam today.

He, like many others who converted to the faith, still having lived an entire life, they had relatives, friends, a life that had so much coming into the religion.

Reflect for a moment on the idea that the companions could talk to the Prophet about whatever was going on in their life, for better or worse, and that they were met with that beautiful open prophetic heart.