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7 Instant Ways to Thrive Spiritually, All Year Round!

7 Instant Ways to Thrive Spiritually, All Year Round!

We are in the last days of Shawwal, and many of us feel our iman (faith) has taken a dip. Let’s discover seven beautiful, instant ways to get back on your feet, spiritually, and head towards the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah with a heart full of zeal!

Strengthen My Faith

How Do I Strengthen My Faith and Iman?

Short Answer: An introspective quest for spirituality usually occurs first during youth years, and such a spiritual “calling” is a blessing from Allah. But please avoid associating the character and conduct of some lay-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries with Islam. Go back to the sources of Islam. Be strong and hold on fast to the rope of Allah: His …

How to Cultivate a Better Relationship With Allah

How to Cultivate a Better Relationship With Allah

In a life full of distractions and temptations, your relationship with Allah is vital. Internal and external factors distract hearts and minds.  They gradually undermine your relation with the Almighty. To maintain the essence of piety, we need to develop within our hearts the sense of consciousness of Allah’s ever-watchfulness over us. In this lecture, Shaykh …

Life after Repentance: Why It Gets Harder

When Life Gets Harder After Repentance

Until a year ago, I was living a worthless life that I am not proud of. I could walk around unmindful of other people’s issues and situations. Worse, I committed sins and instead of feeling remorse, I felt regret for not committing a bigger sin so I could fit in with the wrong crowd. But …

Know More About Your Worst Enemy

It’s true, isn’t it? You can fool a lot of people for a lot of the time. You can even fool yourself for a while. But Allah cannot be fooled. No matter how much we pretend, we cannot deceive the One Who created us. Allah knows every leaf that falls from every tree and He …

Social media impact on self-esteem

This Is How Social Media Impacts Our Self-Esteem

Social media is a constant in our daily lives that impacts our perception of ourselves. Our perception is our reality, even if that reality is skewed and incorrect, it feels real to us. Social media gives us an unrealistic, glorified glimpse into the lives of others. When we compare ourselves socially, professionally and spiritually to …

Would You Love to Have a Ramadan Extension?

Would You Love to Have a Ramadan Extension?

“She embraced Islam just before the month of Ramadan. I told her that Islam requires her to fast and she was ready for that. At the end of Ramadan she told me that she is sad. Why? The reason is that she will miss the sweetness of Ramadan,” The Imam recounts in this Khutbah. Many …

Maintain Spirituality

How to Maintain Spirituality All Year Round?

Short Answer: Faith increases with good deeds. To maintain spirituality after Ramadan increase your good deeds. We recommend ten deeds for you to do each day which will help boost your spirituality. Also do your best to benefit from the days of Hajj and other special occasions in the coming months to come closer to Allah. …

10 Special Offers After Ramadan

10 Special Offers After Ramadan

The month of Ramadan was a chance to taste the sweetness of worship and drawing nearer to Allah. It also broke the psychological barrier between us and many acts of worship that seem difficult in regular days. Ramadan proved that fasting is not that difficult thing even in the scorching heat of the summer. Standing …

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