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Humbleness of Prophet Muhammad... The Greatest Man

Humbleness of Prophet Muhammad, the Greatest Man

The Humbleness of Prophet Muhammad(peace and blessings be upon him) wasexemplary. He was the person chosen by Allah to deliver the final message to humanity;yet, he equally and wonderfully set an example of humility. Join Ustadh Moutasem Atiya in this short talk about this beautiful quality of our beloved Prophet. Watch More:

What the Prophet Says about Kindness to Animals

What the Prophet Says about Kindness to Animals

Refraining from physical cruelty is not enough; abstaining from mental cruelty is equally important. Even a bird’s emotional distress should be treated seriously. One of Prophet Muhammad’s Companions narrates, “We were on a journey and during the Prophet’s absence, we saw a bird with its two chicks;

Why Hypocrisy Appeared in Madinah - About Islam

Why Hypocrisy Appeared in Madinah

There were obvious reasons for the phenomenon of hypocrisy to appear in Madinah. The early Muslims in Makkah were neither strong nor influential enough to make people fear them or try to appease them. Indeed, the people of Makkah, and its leaders and notables in particular, opposed the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) …

Common Grounds Between Moses and Muhammad

Any Common Grounds Between Moses and Muhammad?

Question I was wondering if there is any prophecy regarding the Prophet of Islam found in the Old Testament (Torah)? Answer Thank you very much for your question. First, let me please draw your attention that it is not really accurate to refer to the Old Testament as Torah (pronounced in Arabic as “Tawrah”). The …

Any Benefits of Muslim “Earthing” Prostration

Any Benefits of Muslim "Earthing" Prostration?

Prostration is the placement of the body in a reverentially or submissively prone position as a gesture. Typically prostration is distinguished from the lesser acts of bowing or kneeling by involving a part of the body above the knee touching the ground, especially the hands.

By the Early Morning... Allah's Promise to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Surah That Consoled Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)... It's Relief for Us Too

When Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was saddened and overwhelmed, Allah revealed an entire Surah to comfort and console him. Reciting Surat Ad-Duhawith reflection is enough to dispel your worries and improve your mood. Your love for Allah and trust in Him will increase. Join Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda and learn more …

Stories of the Prophet Muhammad’s Character

Stories of Prophet Muhammad’s Beautiful Character

One day, when the Prophet Muhammad was sitting in Madinah, members of a miserable tribe came. They had no shoes. Their skin was stuck to their bones because of hunger. The Prophet became very sad upon seeing their condition and his color changed…

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