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10 Things to Know About the Prophet’s Grandchildren

They were both cared for and mentored by the Prophet from childhood in faith, character and morals. He loved them and they loved him too. He would always reassure them of his deep love…

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Should I Choose A Muslim Name For My Baby?

People around me are criticizing the name of my baby saying that it doesn’t exist. Have I committed a sin by naming my baby after a non-Muslim?

How to Deal with Debates and Argumentation?

Debates and dialectics fall under the five rulings and are prohibited if silencing one’s opponent is what is intended. The reason for this is that it engenders destructive matters that have been prohibited such as contempt, envy, vanity…

How Muslims Popularised Coffee – Dr Safiyyah Ally

What do you know about coffee? Do you know that Muslims were the first people to consume coffee? Well, click this video to find out this and more from Dr. Safiyyah Ally as she discusses how Muslims popularised coffee for the first 200 years of its existence, spreading from Yemen, Macca, etc.