2019 Harvest – Discovering Islam’s Top 20

It’s another time for our annual harvest!

There are many interesting articles and videos we published throughout 2019. This folder shares the most popular articles to read on topics like spirituality, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), understanding Islam, reflections on the Quran, stories of new Muslims and much more…

Here, we are presenting an overview of the top 20 posts for Discovering Islam and Ask About Islam sections with the highest page views.

So let’s dive in and discover our most popular posts.

Discovering Islam’s Top 10

2019 Harvest - Discovering Islam's Top 20 - About Islam
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Who are the Mothers of the Believers? You might have heard the expression Ummahat al-Mumineen.  This translates into English as the ‘Mothers of the Believers’ and this is a title that refers to the wives of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  They were his wives in this dunya and will be his wives in the akhirah. 

4 Things Heal the Spiritual Heart

In times of our anxieties and hardships, when we feel spiritual lows, and our souls become dark that we don’t feel like doing anything… Our hearts become hard and our days become empty.

2019 Harvest - Discovering Islam's Top 20 - About Islam

Protecting our children from the evil in this world is the responsibility of every parent. Here are 5 Prophetic ways to protect your children.

5 Authentic Signs of Laylatul-Qadr

It’s a pleasant night and we know it’s going to be a pleasant night from that same Quran verse…

11 Signs to Know You Are Afflicted with the Evil Eye

Many people ask do I have evil eye? Am I affected with black magic? This video is to take away some doubts and give some understanding of the subject and I hope it is a benefit to everyone.

2019 Harvest - Discovering Islam's Top 20 - About Islam

The Sunnah recommends that while the adhan (call to prayer) is being called, one should listen attentively and repeat every line silently after…

How to Pray Istikhara and How to Read the Decision?

Istikhara means to ask Allah (God) to guide you to the path best for you concerning an affair with two lawful options…

9 Habits of the Prophet That Science Later Proved

The practice of eating less to prevent sickness and disease was emphasized by Prophet Muhammad, and now backed heavily by science much later.

2019 Harvest - Discovering Islam's Top 20 - About Islam

When you first meet someone, you may have instant physical attraction, but this should not be confused with love. Love is something you must…

6 Things to Know About the Prophet's Grave

Visiting Madinah brings peace and blessing to our hearts. One of the most important places to visit there is the Prophet’s masjid, Al-Masjid An-Nabawi, where there is the Prophet Muhammad’s tomb.

Ask About Islam’s Top 10

How to Make Him Marry Me

Short Answer: The best remedy for a Muslim man or woman who loves someone, is for the two to get married to each other. Pray istikharah and trust Allah. 


Short Answer: Commentaries on the Quran typically say that the children of Eve were born in pairs: a boy and a girl, a boy and a girl…

Tahajjud Prayer

Tahajjud (Arabic for: optional late night prayer) does not entail a specific number of rakaahs (units of prayer) that must be performed…

Is Wearing Makeup Allowed for Muslim Women?

The point is that women are supposed to adorn themselves fully in the right time and place, i.e. with their husbands.


The word zina (adultery and fornication), in Islam, can be used in two different, yet related, ways. It can be used as…


Understanding the issue of God’s tests takes a while to figure out, but the main rule is true. If you read about the lives of…

listening Quran

When someone is listening to the Quran, does one get the same reward as reading it in the case where one has not memorized the chapters and verses?

Can I Make Dua Against Someone

The supplication of the one who has been wronged is indeed very powerful. So, you may ask for… 

Muslims Celebrate Valentine's Day

Short Answer: If you look into history and origins of Valentine Day, plus the values this celebration promotes today, the answer to your question will be very clear…

pray period

Almighty Allah lifted the load of prayer and the burden of fasting from woman’s shoulders during this period. Menses is neither a funny nor a nice experience. There is an important…