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11 Signs to Know You Are Afflicted with the Evil Eye

Many people ask do I have evil eye? Am I affected with black magic?

This video is to take away some doubts and give some understanding of the subject and I hope it is a benefit to everyone.

When you are afflicted with the evil eye, it is very confusing for some and it can cause problems because people will start thinking that somebody has done something to them and can cause issues between families, neighbors, and so on.

When you are afflicted with evil eye, there are signs before you receive a ruqya, there are signs while you receive ruqya, and there are signs after you receive ruqya.

What I might address is general signs and symptoms of the evil eye and some of them are:

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1- Constant Yawning

You’re constantly yawning for no apparent reason, and this happens when you hear the adhan, when you’re about to pray when, you’re reading the Quran and acts of worship generally. Or sometimes just talking to somebody and all of the sudden you start yawning again and again, you can’t control your yawning and even though you slept well that night before.

2- Itching

Itching to the extent that it looks really weird to others that you start itching and to the extent you might even draw blood while itching. That’s how severe it can be.

3- Burping

You start burping, burping, and burping for no apparent reason and for no medical reason.

4- Hot and Cold Flashes

This is another sign that somebody is afflicted with the evil eye.

5- Constantly Sneezing

Sneezing for no reason, you haven’t got flu, you aren’t cold, you’re just sneezing.

6- The Appearance of Spots and Boils on the Body

This is a sign that somebody is afflicted with the evil eye.

7- Bruising in the Body

The person doesn’t play football, they don’t do an activity that will cause this bruising.

8- Darkness Underneath the Eyes

Eyes becoming pale in the face.

9- Despair and Fear

People that suffer from the evil eye usually complain of feeling of despair, fear for no reason, fear of death…

10- Tightness of the Chest

Some complain pain in the spunk of the mouth for no apparent reason.

11- Headache

Doctors can’t explain constant headaches that even though they go to the doctor and they do an MRI scan, there is nothing wrong with their head.