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Muslim Charity Rolls Out “American Sharia” Screening in UK

LONDON – The ugly, ridiculous, and sometimes humorous side of Islamophobia has been explored in US comedian Omar Regan’s film called ‘American Sharia’ which is set for a ten-city film tour in the UK this week.

“Back by popular demand… American Sharia is a brilliantly funny buddy-cop film with a twist; the cops are Omar Regan and Baba Ali… and the crime they’re fighting? Prejudice,” Penny Appeal wrote.

“American Sharia is a family-friendly film, starring leading Muslim entertainers from around the globe, including Omar Regan, Native Deen, Preacher Moss and many more.”

American Sharia is a 2015 American buddy cop comedy-drama action film starring Omar Regan, fellow Muslim comedian Baba Ali and well known Hollywood actor Eric Roberts.

The film is about rogue government officials using Islamophobia to maintain power while two Muslim police officers attempting to solve a case involving the disappearance of several Muslims.

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Regan is the director, producer and writer, and it is the first production under his company Halalywood Entertainment.

The film has been billed as “the first ever Halal Comedy/Action feature film of its kind”.

The tour will include London, Wembley, Leicester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester, and other British cities.

According to Penny Appeal, the tour is all in aid of the group’s Syria Emergency appeal.

Penny Appeal has been in Syria ever since the civil war began, providing life-changing support to vulnerable men, women, and children.

Similar comdey tours has toured the UK over the past years.

In 2017, Muslim comedians went in a UK tour with new shows raising funds for the welfare of women in vulnerable environments.

Muslim American comediennes Salma Hindy and Yasmin Elhady also went in a UK tour as part of the 2018’s Super Muslim Comedy Tour.

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