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This `Eid Start the Early Wake

A distinctive prayer performed after sunrise marks the start of `Eid for Muslims around the world. What follows are days of `Eid fun, family, feasting, and holidaying is celebrated. Yet, launching a holiday by waking up early is definitely paradoxical to our modern minds! Every day as the alarm clock rings we wish we could …


Miss Muslimah 2019

Miss Muslimah 2019: AboutIslam Talks to Winner

When there is a Miss Muslimah’s pageant’s crown at stake, with a goal of breaking barriers and defeating stereotypes, the contestants aren’t going down without a fight. That’s exactly what happened atMiss Muslimah USA 2019, a highly colorfuleventheld in Detroit late last month. And it was Rahma Mohamed, from Madison, who took home the crown …


pilgrims Journeys to Makkah

These Are the Strangest Journeys to Makkah for Hajj

With all the modern means of transportation that make today’s journeys to Makkah easier and quicker, several Muslims from across the world are still choosing to visit the holy city for Hahhor umrah walking, biking or cycling. During the past few Hajj seasons, there have been reports of people who went to Hajj on foot …


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