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World’s First Muslim Pantomime Show Comes to UK

LONDON – A British charity will present the world first pantomime by Muslims, for Muslims this December, in a manifestation of Muslim integration into the British culture.

The pantomime is a manifestation of Muslims “being true to their faith but also aligned to British culture and values,” Anisa Kissoon told Metro.co.uk.

“The drama that family brings, the humor of the pantomime that British wit brings, and the good causes the charity brings shows how multiple identities and intentions can come together in a fun, relevant and meaningful way,” she said.

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“We’re aligning with the festivities of the season and giving people the perfect outlet for charity, fun, entertainment, and celebration.”

The Kissoon family’s pantomime, “If The Shoe Fits,” is a light-hearted story of one family’s search for a ‘halal’ pantomime that isn’t too rude and enjoyed by all the family.

They created their own theater company, Once Upon A Family, to raise money for the Penny Appeal charity.

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The story revolves around an orphan’s journey, inspired by the team’s time-traveling across Africa, listening to the stories of orphaned children.

The idea was suggested to raise funds for Penny Appeal after the family visited some of the charity’s orphan homes.

For Anisa, it was also a chance to show how pantomime can cross all barriers.

“Performing arts is so under-used in both the Muslim and non-Muslim world,” she said.

“We want to be the ones to change that. Creativity should transgress race, religion, and class.”

Although the primary target audience is the British Muslim community, Anisa said, “that’s not to say we will not develop performances in future for wider society.”

“But there is a real gap in the provision of this type for Muslims wanting to enjoy a good evening out in this way.”