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Christchurch Muslims Oppose Film Plans on Massacre

The Muslim community in Christchurch have opposed new plans for a movie on the mosque massacre as they are still grieving. “[It] will probably inflame the situation at this stage,” Muslim Association of Canterbury (MAC) president Shagaf Khan told Stuff. “Whatever the reality in front of us, why do we need to repeat it again?” …

Muslim Charity Rolls Out “American Sharia” Screening in UK

LONDON – The ugly, ridiculous, and sometimes humorous side of Islamophobia has been explored in US comedian Omar Regan’s film called ‘American Sharia’ which is set for a ten-city film tour in the UK this week. “Back by popular demand… American Sharia is a brilliantly funny buddy-cop film with a twist; the cops are Omar …

Hollywood: Success of Muslim Hijabi Filmmaker

LOS ANGELES — With her hijab, the always smiling Muslim movie director and writer Lena Khan stands out when she walks in Hollywood; the notable home of the American cinema industry, VOA News reports on February 9. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Hollywood’s name has come to be a shorthand reference for the film …

Anti-Islamophobia Movie's Last Scene Shot in Germany

GLADBECK, Germany – A galaxy of stars have shot the last scene of anti-Islamophobia movie, a film produced by Turkey to counter negative conceptions about Muslims and uncover increasing levels of anti-Muslim sentiments worldwide. “Not only Muslims but the people of other religions are suffering from the negative impact of Islamophobia,” said Omer Sarikaya, the …

Face to Face with Islam: Legacy of Peace

The film presents 18 experts from the worlds three major religions and chronological Time-lines, CGI Animated Maps and Graphics, Footage featuring scenes from around the world and Original Works of Art.

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