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Muslim Charity Rolls Out “American Sharia” Screening in UK

LONDON – The ugly, ridiculous, and sometimes humorous side of Islamophobia has been explored in US comedian Omar Regan’s film called ‘American Sharia’ which is set for a ten-city film tour in the UK this week. “Back by popular demand… American Sharia is a brilliantly funny buddy-cop film with a twist; the cops are Omar …

Hollywood: Success of Muslim Hijabi Filmmaker

LOS ANGELES — With her hijab, the always smiling Muslim movie director and writer Lena Khan stands out when she walks in Hollywood; the notable home of the American cinema industry, VOA News reports on February 9. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Hollywood’s name has come to be a shorthand reference for the film …

The Final Flashback - Life is Like Droplets!

The Final Flashback - Life is Like Droplets!

This dunya is like those two or three droplets of water on your finger, compared to the massive ocean you dipped it in. That means that every moment you thought of while imagining your “Dunya movie” was included in those drops; the moment we’re in now is…

Growing Up Muslim In America: 'Jinn' Film Explores Black Muslim Identity

Should I wear my hijab during dance routines? What are the rules of dating? What about my love of pepperoni? These are questions Summer Jennings, a carefree Black teenager, starts asking herself after her mother converts to Islam in Jinn  feature film WASHINGTON, DC – Inspired by an African American writer and director’s  own upbringing …

The Sultan and the Saint: 60 Minute Docudrama Film Nominated for Emmy

SILVER SPRING, Md. – A film about the crusades and shattering stereotypes of Muslims has been nominated for an Emmy Award. This is the first nomination for Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), a nationally recognized media and educational organization with a mission of creating films and educational campaigns to increase understanding of Muslims and people of …

Superhero Movies & Meeting Our Maker

Superhero Movies & Meeting Our Maker

Each day that goes by brings us one day closer to our death and meeting our maker. However, we live in a time where the thought of death is met with a strategy that often involves diverting and ignoring. Sheikha Zaynab Ansari discusses our societies intrinsic need for critical diversion from a reality we can’t …

Do We Truly Love The Quran?

Do We Truly Love The Quran?

We might read the Quran regularly but it is not just about reading. Do we truly want to be like what the Book tells us to be like? Do we love it more than our favourite movie? Brilliant reminder.

Australia's First Muslim Movie Makes History

Australia’s first Muslim romantic comedy movie made history after hitting big screen in world’s premier last Friday, bringing the daily life of Muslims to cinemas away from the usual stereotyping.

4 Ways to Enjoy This Life without Forgetting the Next

It’s not wrong to love this world, as it’s a place of enjoyment for us. However, when there is no balance, people will begin to seek out this world, like there is no Hereafter, and that is inappropriate for Muslims to vie for.

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