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How to Specialize in Islamic Parenting?

24 June, 2022
Q As-Salamu ‘Alaykum. I am a psychology student. I want to learn the Islamic way of parenting. I want to become a trainer in this field. What should I do?


As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

This question is really about careers advice, so I will try and be as practical in my answer as possible. Ma sha’ Allah your quest is a very important one and truly one which is in great demand but is not actually available – as far as I know.

What you are requesting is an Islamically centered (semi-therapy) training in parenting skills, and whilst there are a number of Islamically-centered courses, the therapy or practical problem solving training is not combined. Rather, they are all individual components of degree courses, so they may lack some coherence for students. This means that the individuals themselves must do some hard work to combine all aspects of knowledge for a working model.

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Furthermore, the level of supervision required is generally unavailable due to the limited number of people working in this field, therefore it is unclear how prepared trainees are to go out and work in the field with their given skills.

Whist this is not ideal, there are some good foundations/level courses available upon which you may build your skills in sha’ Allah.

I think you have a number of basic options and much of it depends on what is available in your country and if not, whether you are able to travel and study in a country where such knowledge is taught. There are a number of ‘International Islamic Universities’ around the world that promote the Islamic aspects of disciplines such as psychology; however, the standard and content of each course is not necessarily the same across each institution so you would need to check this out.

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There may be other universities which focus on the Islamic elements, but I am unaware of where they are. Additionally, there are a growing number of Islamic universities online – some set up by well-known Islamic scholars -, so do not let the ‘online’ aspect of them put you off. The standards are equally high if not higher as far as I am aware.

The courses you select must necessarily include the psychological and Islamic aspects of parenting, so these may be combined or taught separately. For example, some universities teach developmental psychology from an Islamic point of view, but students are also taught Islamic studies and fiqh related to everyday life. So, include such issues as you are interested in. Hence, your choice of subjects may mean that you need to combine both sets of modules to complete your qualification to do the work you intend.

There is a lot of exploration and some internet searches required! I would advise that you look carefully at each course available at the International Islamic universities as well as Islamic online universities and look at what modules are available under each course and what the content of each module is before you go ahead. I would also advise that you get in touch with course directors and discuss your specific needs.

If you require any clarification or more details on what I have suggested please do get back in touch. I do congratulate you on this great intention and decision, and encourage you strongly to pursue the subject.

May Allah (SWT) open all doors of good for you and all students around the world and grant you the highest success in this life and the next.

About Dr. Feryad Hussain
Dr. Hussain holds a practitioner Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has worked as a clinical psychologist for a number of years in a range of clinical settings with differing populations in UK. She is author of numerous research articles on health psychology and cross cultural and religious therapy models.