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Quebec Mosque Shooter Admits Guilt, Not Terrorism

QUEBEC – The Canadian terrorist’s guilty plea in Wednesday’s trial has brought relief to the families of the Muslim victims who were shot last year on January 29 at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec. “It’s a relief that we avoided a long court trial with the guilty pleas this morning — that relieves the …

Quebec Muslims Welcome Shooter’s Parents' Apology

QUEBEC – A year after their son killed six Muslim men inside a Quebec Mosque, the parents of the suspected murderer published a statement on Wednesday calling their son’s actions “inexcusable” and “totally inexplicable.” “Alexandre is still our son whom we love and who will always be a part of our family. Like all parents, …

Canada Marks First Anniversary of Québec Mosque Shooting

TORONTO – One year ago, on January 29, 2017, Mamadou Tanou Barry, Azzeddine Soufiane, Abdelkrim Hassane, Ibrahima Barry, Aboubaker Thabti, and Khaled Belkacem were brutally murdered by a lone gunman as they were praying in Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec, a Quebec City Mosque. Each of one them left a widow and children, and a …

Widows Remember Quebec Mosque Shooting Victims

QUEBEC – “Survivors of a tragedy like this one can find a way to move forward, they receive help and signs of solidarity. But the emptiness left by the person will never be filled. That’s the hardest part. Knowing that the person will never be there to see their children grow up.” These were the …

Hamilton Recognizes Day of Remembrance on Islamophobia

HAMILTON – The Canadian city council of Hamilton has recognized January 29 as the Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia, the day marking the first anniversary of the Quebec mosque shooting in which six worshippers were killed. “With this motion, we are standing together against Islamophobia, hatred, and intolerance,” stated Councilor Matthew Green, Muslim …

One Year After Shooting, Racism Terrifies Quebec Muslims

MONTREAL – One year after the Quebec mosque shooting that left six worshipers killed, Canadian Muslims are expressing rising fear of becoming a target of Islamophobic attacks and casual racism, as politicians’ promises of social harmony failed to materialize. “Everything that touches Muslims has become explosive. And we are fed up. I am fed up,” …

Canadian Muslims, Jews Team Up To Protect Houses of Worship

Only six months detached the Canadian Muslim community and its Jewish neighbors from initiating security protocols to avoid the recurrence of the sorrowful mass shooting at Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, where six Muslim men were killed on January 29, 2017.

Year After Shooting, Quebec Mosque Helps Homeless

One year after the fatal shooting that resulted in the death of six Muslim worshippers, the Islamic center in Quebec, Montreal, joined a national campaign to help the homeless facing freezing winter weather.

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