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Canadians Raise Money for Paralyzed Mosque Hero

Canadians have started a new fundraising campaign for a Canadian Muslim who took seven bullets when he tried to distract the gunman inside Quebec mosque last January, after which he was paralyzed.

Quebec Muslims Achieve First Victory Vs Burqa Ban

Canadian and Muslim civil rights groups welcomed on Saturday their first victory against Bill 62, known as burqa ban, after a judge suspended the bill measures, dealing the province’s controversial “religious neutrality” law its first legal setback.

Canadian Muslims Challenge Burqa Ban in Court

Two Canadian groups have filed a legal challenge to Quebec bill banning face-covers, including burqa or face-veil, saying the law “gravely infringes” the religious and equality rights of some Muslims in the province.

Muslims Shun Plans to Study in Quebec

Muslim students are rethinking plans to study in Quebec after the French-speaking province issued a legislation banning face-covering, including face-veil or burqa, saying the law has changed their perception of the province.

Quebec Softens Criticized Burqa Ban

Government officials in the French-speaking Quebec districts have toned down its interpretation of the much-criticized legislation banning face-covering, clarifying who the law would affect and how it would be enforced.

Trudeau Criticizes Quebec’s Burqa Ban

Wading into the debate on Quebec’s burqa ban, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stressed values of religious freedoms, adding that governments should not tell women what to wear.

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