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Winter Warm up Drive for Rohingya Refugees

Winter Warm up Drive for Rohingya Refugees

They left everything behind and came to Bangladesh with nothing except the clothes on their backs. Now most of the Rohingya people sleep on the floor in poorly constructed bamboo structures with nothing  to protect them from the cold at night. January and February are Bangladesh’s coldest months with nighttime temperatures falling as low as …

Yemenis Are Starving, Would You Help Feed Them?

Yemenis Are Starving, Would You Help Feed Them?

Yemen, the second-largest Arab state and poorest country in the Middle East, is currently facing one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent history. Its people are in desperate need of clean water, food, clothing and essential medical aid after fleeing their homes to avoid getting caught up in the violent conflict. Families are forced to choose …

Help Protect Rohingya Women in Refugee Camps

Create Jobs for Rohingya Women in Refugee Camps

Having fled persecution in Myanmar, a growing number of women are at risk of harassment and attack in Bangladesh after being deserted by their husbands. In an effort to provide protection to Rohingya women in refugee camps, Bidayanodo foundation is creating a self-employment project for refugee women. This project aims to support the extremely needy and …

Reuniting Refugees with Their Families - Yes, You Can Help!

Reuniting Refugees with Their Families - Yes, You Can Help!

A group of people that have been inspired and moved by the bravery and perseverance of a teenage Syrian refugee named Sedra, are doing a great act of kindness. They learned about her story from a documentary that was produced in Canada, by filmmaker Sura Mallouh.  Sedra along with her parents and grandmother were relocated while simultaneously and involuntarily being …

Best Deeds in Best Days: The Dhul Hijjah Challenge Is Back! (Join Now)

“There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days (of Dhul Hijjah).” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslim crowdfunding platform Launchgood has set up an inspiring initiative for Muslims all over the globe to increase the good deeds during the blessed 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. The 10 day Dhul Hijjah …

Ramadan challenge 2018

Ramadan Challenge 2018 with Launch Good - Join Now

In addition to being a month of fasting, Ramadan is a time of giving and charity for Muslims around the world. Last Ramadan, Launchgood, the largest faith rooted crowdfunding platform in the world, raised nearly $2 million during their annual Ramadan Challenge- helping 400+ campaigns! It’s back now for Ramadan 2018! Join thousands across the …

Muslims Raise Funds for Las Vegas Victims

Devastated by the huge number of victims in Las Vegas shooting, American Muslims rushed to raise funds and offer help to families of victims and survivors of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

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