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Reuniting Refugees with Their Families – Yes, You Can Help!

A group of people that have been inspired and moved by the bravery and perseverance of a teenage Syrian refugee named Sedra, are doing a great act of kindness.

They learned about her story from a documentary that was produced in Canada, by filmmaker Sura Mallouh.  Sedra along with her parents and grandmother were relocated while simultaneously and involuntarily being separated from the rest of their family.

So, this group planned to help reunite Sedra with her family  by launching this LaunchGood campaign.

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The Story

Sedra, like so many refugees who have had to flee their beloved home countries, is a bright and compassionate teenager learning English and working hard to adapt to life in a new society. Unfortunately, she is also solely responsible for her father, her mother, and her grandmother, all of whom are struggling with disability and illness.

Because of these health issues, the family was government-sponsored to come to Saint John, New Brunswick, by the Canadian government. Even though Sedra and her family were told her adult siblings and their families would follow just days after they were relocated to Canada, it became apparent as days, weeks and then years passed that reunification was a dream more than a reality.

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Now, Sedra’s family worries that the pressure on her to take care of the whole family is too much and impacting her mental health and diminishing her chances at achieving her full potential.

How Does Your Support Help?

The support to help Sedra and her family is intended for her adult siblings and their families to be sponsored so they can be reunited together in Canada.  $30,000 is roughly the cost to bring a family of four to Canada. Sponsoring just one sibling and their family would be an incredible blessing and relief on the entire family.

Ways to Support

There are two ways to support. By contributing directly to the campaign you are helping us get one step closer to a family being reunified. By sharing the campaign and asking others to support you are helping this campaign to help make an incredible difference in this family’s life.

Source: Launch Good