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Winter Warm up Drive for Rohingya Refugees

They left everything behind and came to Bangladesh with nothing except the clothes on their backs. Now most of the Rohingya people sleep on the floor in poorly constructed bamboo structures with nothing  to protect them from the cold at night.

January and February are Bangladesh’s coldest months with nighttime temperatures falling as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10°C). Without proper shelter, warm clothes or fuel for heating, there is no way for helpless refugee families to keep themselves warm.

But You Can Help!

BASMAH foundation has been working in Rohingya camps for over one year. During 2018, they have successfully run several projects to help Rohingya refugees.

BASMAH USA in collaboration with Basmah Foundation has teams deployed on the ground in Bangladesh working tirelessly to provide lifesaving aid to helpless Bangladeshi and Rohingya families.

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They need your help and generous donations to keep the refugees warm.

For more details and donation check their appeal on launchgood