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Create Jobs for Rohingya Women in Refugee Camps

Having fled persecution in Myanmar, a growing number of women are at risk of harassment and attack in Bangladesh after being deserted by their husbands.

In an effort to provide protection to Rohingya women in refugee camps, Bidayanodo foundation is creating a self-employment project for refugee women.

This project aims to support the extremely needy and skillful Rohingya women to create a small business and earn sufficient income to help themselves and their families.

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Create Jobs for Rohingya Women in Refugee Camps - About Islam

By supporting this launchgood campaign, you’ll help these women earn a living.

What they do:

1) Create training center and workplace for refugee women

2) Provide beginner to advanced training

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3) Provide sewing machine (singer 15CH1) to work

4) Online platform to sell the product

5) Preserve the art of Rohingya culture

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