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World Cup: Mexican Fan Converts to Islam in Qatar

In a video circulated on social media, a Mexican fan is shown to be taking Shahada or declaration of Muslim faith in the Katara cultural village in Doha during the second day of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The Mexican fan appears to be pronouncing the two testimonies, prompted by the Yemeni preacher Hayyan Al-Yafei, in an atmosphere filled with emotion and happiness.

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Al-Yafe’i shared the video on his Facebook page, talking about the story of this fan’s conversion to Islam.

Al-Yafe’i said: “This man entered the mosque to learn about the culture of Muslims, then I explained to him the pillars of faith, and that Islam is the religion of all prophets.”

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The fan said he wanted to be on the religion of the prophets, choosing to embrace Islam.

The video showed Al-Yade’s asking him if anyone forced him to take this step and and the man responded in negative, that the whole idea was truly out of his conviction.

Mosque Visits

In another related development, Aljazeera channel shared on Youtube a video showing many football fans entering a mosque to learn about Islam.

The mosque in the video is the Katara cultural village mosque.

Welcoming fans wearing European t-shirts, mosque volunteers gave them chocolate as they listened to information about Islam and its culture in different languages.

While hosting the global football event, Qatar has launched several initiatives to introduce Islam to visitors.

For example, hotels added QR codes in guest-rooms that introduce visitors to Islam and Qatari culture in all languages.

Qatar also placed several murals across the country with hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to introduce Islam to fans.