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Sinead O'Connor Opens Up on Her Life as a Muslim in Ireland

Months after converting to Islam, the Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor has revealed what life is really like to be a Muslim in Ireland, reported. “I think I’m really really good actually, really good,” she told the Dave Fanning Show on 2FM. “That’s why I’ve come, partly to let people know I’m around as well …

Feeling Measured on Faith?

Have You Ever Felt Measured on Your Faith?

This was my first time to be measured as a Muslim from the Muslim community. I thought it was an isolated incident with just me since I was the only one that was different. Although it hurt my feelings, I brushed it off and went about my life.

My Future Husband Inspired Me To Accept Islam

My Future Husband Inspired Me To Accept Islam

Ahmed’s attitude impressed me. And what he told me about the position of Islam regarding marriage and family impressed me even more. I really thought about becoming Muslim, not because I fell in love with Ahmed but because I fell in love with what he told me about marriage and family in Islam.

How Education Brought Me to Islam

How Education Brought Me to Islam

I accepted Islam because I wanted an education, because I wanted a scholarship. But that was only the beginning. I understand now that this was Allah’s way of getting my attention. Allah knew that education was very important for me.

Then Kennedy, Now Sheikh Osman - This Ghanaian MP Converts to Islam

A Member of Parliament (MP) in Ghana has converted to Islam, changing his name to “Sheikh Osman,” Ghana Web reported. The MP, Kennedy Agyapong, said he converted to Islam after discovering it was the religion of peace. He cited his experience in Pakistan where he lived with Muslim friends and was fully convinced the religion …

US Singer Della Miles after Becoming Muslim: 'I am a Baby in Islam'

American singer Miles, vocalist for Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, has converted to Islam, saying she learned much about the faith during her stay in Turkey, Anadolu Agency reported “Everything is new for me at the moment,” said American singer and recent convert to Islam Della Miles. “I consider myself a baby in Islam because …

The Year of Grief: Prophet Muhammad Loses His Wife & Uncle

The Year of Grief: Prophet Muhammad Loses His Wife & Uncle

This was a great loss to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). His uncle had protected him for the previous ten years. After the death of Abu Talib, the Quraish increased their persecution of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as never before.

Brazilian Footballer Performs Umrah after Converting to Islam

Just a few days after announcing his conversion to Islam, the Brazilian footballer Sergio Ricardo Neves was spotted in Makkah performing Umrah during Ramadan, Step Feed reported. “Alhamdullilah … now I am a Muslim,” Ricardo tweeted before some fans showed footage of his visit to the Grand Mosque in Makkah during the weekend. In it, …

Stories of Converts in Ramadan

In The United States, I learned About Islam

I never questioned this order of making supplication until one of my Muslim co-students mentioned that Muslims make dua directly to God. That was the first seed of doubt sown in my spiritual consciousness.

From Nightclub To Islam – How the Quran Made Me Shake

From Nightclub To Islam – How the Quran Made Me Shake

I became Muslim mostly through meeting a French Algerian brother outside a nightclub in which I was working as a DJ at the time. God made it so that we met right there in front of that nightclub. He heard me speak French and he was just coming into town…

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