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Play and Pray: Here is How Imam Drew Children to Mosque

An imam in  northern city of Kocaeli in Başiskele district, Turkey, has succeeded in attracting a big number of children to summer Qur’an classes in his mosque by making it more kid-friendly with a new playground, Daily Sabah reported. “I used to play around at the mosque, while the adults were praying when I was …

Nashville Mosque

Nashville Mosque Opens Doors to Combat Hate

A local mosque in Antioch, Nashville, Tennessee, is holding an open house this weekend for people of all faiths to help combat Muslim stereotypes and show people the true Muslims, reported. “They hate what they are told to hate. If we only get a handful of people, we’ve changed at least the mindset and …

Ontario People Stood Guard of Local Mosque after Vandalism

Sending a strong message of support, dozens of people stood guard at the local mosque in Owen Sound, Ontario, after the worshipping house was vandalized for the second time, London CTV News reported. “We’re still fearful, but at the same time we’re moved as well,” said Waleed Aslam, the congregation spokesman for Owen Sound Muslim …

Check One of World’s Most Beautiful Mosques

Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran has become a tourist attraction thanks to its colorful natural lights that are formed by stained glass windows which pass sunlight in scenic geometric shapes. Pictures source: Mehr News

12 Places to Visit in Madinah

12 Places to Visit in Madinah

After the visit to Masjid-Nabawi, you can visit several places in and around the city which hold great historical significance in Islam. Here’s a list of places that you must visit when in Madinah.

vermont mosque

Faiths Unite to Support New Vermont Mosque

An Islamic center’s effort to expand has received support from their neighboring synagogue, helping them raise the required funds, MyNBC5 reported. “The mosques and the synagogues are under the same attacks. So, we’re happy to be right next to each other,” the Islamic Center of Vermont imam Islam Hassan said. “We’ve got each other’s back …

Crawley mosque

Crawley Mosque Hosts Diabetes Awareness Event

Diabetes UK healthcare and research charity has announced holding a free event at Crawley Mosque in London on July 19 to raise public awareness about the risks of Type 2 diabetes, and ways of prevention against it, Crawley Observer reports. “I invited Diabetes UK to come along to the mosque to hold the event in …

Erin First mosque

Ontario Rural County First Mosque Fills Void

Opening doors a few weeks ago, the number of Muslims visiting Wellington County’s first mosque has revealed a growing need for mosques in the rural Ontario district, Guelph Today reported. “We figured out there is no mosque till far away. Nothing in Rockwood, Georgetown, Orangeville, Fergus, Arthur, Hillsburgh, there are no mosques,” said Kashif Ali, …

Istanbul Mosque Offers Shelter, Food & Shower to Homeless

A small 17th-century mosque in a populous Istanbul district is providing free showers, clothing, and food to the homeless thanks to the efforts of its philanthropist imam, Daily Sabah reported. “This is the only mosque across the country where at least 50 homeless people are able to take a free bath on a daily basis,” …

Rural Wales Chapel to Be Turned into Mosque

A rural chapel in Llanbedr village, near Harlech in Gwynedd, Wales is set to be turned into a mosque after years of being left empty, The BBC reported. “It’s been on the market for some time and the application doesn’t involve a real change of use – it will continue to be used as its …

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