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Abusive Father & Critical Husband: I’m Depressed

Abusive Father & Critical Husband: I’m Depressed

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Aleikum, Thank you for reaching out to us with your problem. We’ll try our best to help you, in sha’ Allah. First and foremost, children need a safe and secure home free of violence, and parents who love and protect them. From what you have described, it sounds like you have had a …

No One Believes That My Brother-in-Law Harasses Me

No One Believes That My Brother-in-Law Harasses Me

Answer: Dear sister,   8 years is certainly quite a long duration. Do you really want to part despite your two kids? Is it a problem with your spouse or his brother that is making you opt for divorce? Will this second guy actually accept your kids, and what will happen when he has his own …

Divorced My Abusive Husband: Help Me Overcome Trauma

In this counseling answer:  “Feeling lonely is natural after ending a marriage. However, the feelings of sadness and loneliness will lessen in frequency and intensity, in sha’ Allah. Sometimes, marriages are harmful and abusive, like in your case, and it is better for one’s well being to end the marriage. Take it day by day sister and use your …

Enemies from the Day We Married!

Enemies from the Day We Married!

Answer: As-Salamu `Alaikum dear sister, If you are being physically abused, you need to find a way to leave until your husband can deal with his temper in a healthier manner. Physical abuse is not something to take lightly as many injuries and even deaths can be attributed to accidental actions during periods of physical …

Mom and Dad Hate Each Other

Mom & Dad Hate Each Other!

In this counseling answer: “I don’t believe you are obligated to stay with them and put your life “on hold”. The help you can offer is really limited. You might be an intermediate, and you can advise them, but in case they are reluctant to talk about and seek help, there isn’t much you can do besides …

American Woman Vows to Kill All Muslims

An American woman has hurled racist abuse at three Somali-American Muslim women who were inside their car, in a parking dispute in Fargo, North Dakota, telling them she wanted to “kill all Muslims”.

Arizona Senator Defends Abused Muslim Opponent

Deedra Abboud, an Arizona 45-year-old Muslim attorney who is running for senate, has received unexpected support from her incumbent Republican opponent, after becoming victim to repeated racial online abuse.

The Real Truth about Domestic Abuse and Culture

Read previous parts: The Truth about Domestic Abuse and Children’s Development What No One Told You about Spiritual Abuse in Islam Domestic abuse is found in all cultures and all parts of the world. However, one thing remains constant no matter where it’s found: archaic cultural norms often make it hard for women to leave …

Child Abuse Made Me Suspicious of Proposals

Child Abuse Made Me Suspicious of Proposals

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaikum dear sister, Thank you for writing. I am truly saddened to hear of all the abuse you went through as a child. I am so sorry. May Allah (swt) heal you, dear sister. Tragically, this is a common problem. In cases where the child (now a woman) doesn’t get help (therapy) to …

What No One Told You about Spiritual Abuse in Islam

Abuse in relationships is not only black eyes, bruises, and broken bones. With the exception of traumatic brain injury in Muslim victims, it’s often the abuse hidden from plain view – like financial, verbal, and spiritual abuse – that does the most damage to victims long-term. However, it’s the spiritual abuse we experience in a …

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