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Georgia Muslim Students Send Message of Love

Muslim students in Emory University, Georgia, have created a video to send a message of sympathy, support and love to victims of recent attacks committed by the so-called Islamic State.

Muslim Students

Muslim Students Honored for Educational Achievements

The worldwide-known non-governmental humanitarian organisation “Human Appeal International Australia” hosted its 9th Annual Year of the 12 Muslim Achievement Awards in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide between and 19th and the 20th of this month.

UK Teachers Reject Prevent for Intimidating Muslims

Britain’s teachers’ union has demanded the withdrawal of government’s Prevent strategy to identify children at risk of radicalization, saying it was stigmatizing Muslim students who were left afraid of discussing controversial issues in class.

Muslim Students Rap Against Terrorism, Islamophobia

Muslim students at Lammas School in Waltham Forest have made their voices heard by producing an anti-terrorism rap video in response to December’s Tube station attack, in which one person was seriously injured.

Pennsylvania Muslim Students Share Culture

Celebrating Islamic culture, the Muslim Student Association at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania are planning a series of public events during Islamic Awareness Week to offer their colleagues a rare insight into Islam.

Muslim Elected Student President in Catholic Univ.

A Muslim student has been elected by the Georgetown University student body to serve as the Jesuit school’s student association president, becoming the first Muslim to hold the position in the Catholic university.


Stand Your Ground: School Bullies in America

The National Center for Education Statistics reported that in 2009 twenty-nine percent of all American students’ ages 12 to 18 were bullied in school. The Council of Arab and Islamic Relations also reported in their bullying report that approximately 350,000 school children are bullied every week and more than 150,000 students skip school every day …

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