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Actor Riz Ahmed Urges Hollywood to Re-examine Muslim Imagery

British-Pakistani star Riz Ahmed has called on Hollywood leaders to act on reducing Islamophobic sentiment in the media by presenting more Muslims and change their imagery in their movies, Chicago Tribune reported. “The efforts of individual artists or storytellers may be bold, they may be progressive, they may act as beacons of hope for other people, …

Muslim Actor Breaks Barriers in Spider-Man Latest Movie

For decades, Hollywood blockbuster films depicting a hijabi woman has been a far-fetched dream for British actress Zoha Rahman. But Marvel Cinematic Universe is making this dream become a reality by picking her in the upcoming sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home in which Rahman plays Spider-Man’s classmate joining him on a field trip across Europe, …

Were There Black Prophets

Were There Black Prophets?

Were there black prophets from those that were mentioned to us? This is an excellent speech from Sheikh Omar Suleiman. How can a racist be a Muslim!

Hollywood: Success of Muslim Hijabi Filmmaker

LOS ANGELES — With her hijab, the always smiling Muslim movie director and writer Lena Khan stands out when she walks in Hollywood; the notable home of the American cinema industry, VOA News reports on February 9. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Hollywood’s name has come to be a shorthand reference for the film …

Allah Made Me Funny - Preacher Moss

Allah Made Me Funny - Preacher Moss

Growing into Islam was a struggle in itself, especially as Preacher delved further into his love of comedy and became a part of the entertainment industry. With Hollywood calling him, Preacher quit teaching, gave his retirement money to his mother, and left to pursue his comedic dreams.

Lindsay Lohan Told to Remove Hijab at Heathrow Airport

Raising many questions recently about her religious beliefs, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan said she was asked to remove her headscarf at Heathrow airport on her way to New York recently, saying the experience freaked her out.

Rumors Say Lindsay Lohan Converted to Islam

Amid reports that the Hollywood actress was starting a new chapter in her life, rumors have been spreading that Lindsay Lohan, who was pictured while holding a Qur’an last year, has converted to Islam.

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