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Canadian mosque

Canadian Mosque Delivers Milestone 15,000th Meal

TARIC Islamic Centre serves up hundreds of meals a week to those in need The initiative overlaps with a holy month in the Islamic calendar, which recognizes the birth of Prophet Muhammad. TORONTO – A Canadian mosque dished out its milestone 15,000th meal as part of its soup kitchen and meal delivery service on December …

Can I Pay my Father’s Debts from Zakah

Can I Pay My Father’s Debts from Zakah?

Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: If a person is not sufficiently rich as to be able to settle the debts of his parents, then the …

‘Kindness’ Charity Brings Joy to Needy Pensioners

This Elderly Woman Brings Joy to Needy Pensioners

With a passion to drive and help others, an 80-year-old Russian woman is sparing no effort to bring joy to the elder people in her city. Every day, Galina Yakovleva, a former trolley driver, takes her mini-van to distribute food to needy pensioners in the Russian port city of Saint Petersburg. “I do it because …

Kansas Muslims Provide Free Thanksgiving Meals to Poor

TOPEKA – The Islamic Center of Topeka in Kansas اhas teamed up with ‘Let’s Help’ organization to hand out 150 turkeys and Thanksgiving meals for needy families in the state on Saturday, WIBW reported. “The support from the Islamic community makes all the difference for many on Thanksgiving Day,” assured Linda Kehres, executive director of …

Mitzvah Day: Muslim, Jewish Volunteers Unite to Cook Chicken Soup

LONDON – Hundreds of young Muslim and Jewish volunteers came together on Sunday at East London mosque and dozens of venues across the country to cook up traditional pots of soup as part of the Jewish Mitzvah Day, or charity day. “This is a new experience for us. I’ve never made Jewish chicken soup before, …

Muslim Shopkeeper Provides Free Energy Top-ups to Needy

The harsh winter months are a time when many people in Britain struggle to afford to heat their homes. In particular we have the elderly, many of whom are too terrified to put the heating on due to affordability and the high costs of their utility bills Fuel poverty is not limited to pensioners and …

Rush to Virtue - That's What Islam Teaches

Rush to Virtue - That's What Islam Teaches

The balance between the body and spirit, between personal and civic responsibilities, and between spirituality and the mundane affairs of life is wonderful guidance bequeathed by Islam to humanity. As part of this prophetic lesson, Prophet Muhammad…

Why Muslims Should Take Pride in Islamic Greetings

Why Muslims Should Take Pride in Islamic Greetings

In a June 1999 interview, British writer and Nobel laureate Doris Lessing (1919–2013) reminisces about a Shanghai visit during which she had this experience: One evening I heard a Chinese family singing “Happy Birthday.” It was weird. You would have thought that they would have their own happy birthday song. Every dominant society in the …

5 Things to Consider When Giving Charity

5 Things to Consider When Giving Charity

When you give in charity, you should present a pleasant face and a kind manner. Smile. Do not stretch out your hand while leaning back in disdain from them, as if you regard poverty as some sort of contagious disease you might just catch if you get too close.

Charity Week To Raise Over £1m Next Week

LONDON – Kicked off in London 15 years ago, Islamic Relief has announced its annual Charity Week slated for  October 22-28, under the theme “ONE WEEK, ONE CAUSE, ALL THE DIFFERENCE!” “Over the last two years, Charity Week has raised over £1 million ($1.3 million) in a single week each year. That’s more than £140,000 per …

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