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Sunday Times Ranks Mo Salah 8th on Charitable Giving List

Liverpool Muslim star has once again proven his high level of generosity as he is now ranked eighth on the Sunday Times Giving List for 2022.

The English paper’s report showed that Egypt’s national team captain has donated slightly more than six percent of his wealth to health causes, mostly in his home country, over the past three years.

“Salah donated £2.4 million to the National Cancer Institute in Cairo in 2019 after it was severely damaged by a car bomb,” a report by Sunday Times said.

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“The star’s philanthropy is one of several interventions in his homeland.”

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Salah is the only football player in the top ten list. The only other sporting personality in the top ten is Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time F1 world champion who came in the fifth place.

Generous Salah

Along with the generous donation to Cairo’s National Cancer Institute, Salah also participated in the University of Cambridge Scholarship Initiative launched in summer 2021, which helped increase the number of black students at the university by more than 50 percent, reaching 200 people.

He provided 30 grants, amounting to 20,000 sterling pounds per person in three or four years, equivalent to at least 1.8 million sterling pounds.

Though Salah is well-known for his charity work, he is one on the list of Muslim players known and loved for such charitable works.

In 2020, Sadio Mane made a donation worth 30 million CFA francs (£41,000) to aid the battle against coronavirus in Senegal.

Nigeria’s forward Ahmed Musa also donated the sum of $1,500 in January 2022 to a local mosque close to the Eagles camp in Garoua on Friday after Jumu`ah prayer.

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