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Muslim Cyclists Raise £22,000 for Bangladesh Flood Relief Effort

Known as the “2 Muslim Night Riders”, Noor Alam and Ahtsham Arfan have supported an emergency appeal by Dabbagh Welfare Trust to raise funds for flood relief efforts in Bangladesh.

The cyclists’ effort paid off after the appeal successfully raised £22,000, Asian Image reported.

“We raised awareness about the fundraising event held by Dabbagh Welfare Trust,” Noor Alam said.

He added, “we promoted it on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and videos and through Whatsapp groups. We have visited Oldham, Bolton and Rochdale to spread the message.”

Back in mid-May, the northern part of Bangladesh witnessed its worst flood in 18 years. Less than a month later, another flood has hit the country.

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Major rivers have reached dangerous levels while homes and livelihoods have been destroyed. Schools are being used as flood shelters, and travel has come to a halt, making it difficult for emergency responders.

Huge Success

The live appeal, launched on July 17, started at 5pm and concluded at 11pm, raising £22,000.

“We have been approached by many well-known charities, but Dabbagh Welfare trust have a team already on the ground distributing aid and one of my friends was in Bangladesh who was overlooking the distribution,” Noor Alam said.

“The concept of the 2 Muslim Night Riders is like a franchise which anyone can be a part of as  long as they use the brand to motivate, create positivity and well-being in the community.”

Arfan and Noor Alam have been friends for 15 years. After the coronavirus hit the world, the two friends opted for cycling tours in Manchester at night to avoid gaining weight.

Now, the ‘2 Muslim Night Riders’ videos on YouTube showing their adventures have become widely popular.

This is not the first effort by British Muslims to provide help for Bangladesh.

Earlier this month, Milad Sarwar, a 22-year-old British Muslim man managed to raise £20,000 in just two days to support ongoing flood relief efforts in the Asian country.