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“God Particle” From Islamic Perspective

In July 2012 physicists at the world-renowned laboratory “Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory” (Fermilab) announced that they got closer to proving the existence of the vague subatomic particle called “Higgs boson”.

These subatomic particles, symbolized as H0, form one piece of a class of subatomic particles called Bosons which includes the Photons; “the elementary particle of light”, and the Graviton; “the still-undiscovered hypothetical elementary particle of gravity”, in addition to some other less famous subatomic particles.

Bosons and many other particles make up the basic building blocks of matter in the universe, which means that they form everything Allah created around us, starting from the largest structures of the universe; the “Galactic Filaments” to the smallest thing ever; “the hypothetical Planck Particle”.

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Because of this vital characteristic, and due to Higgs bosons’ ability to give mass and weight to matter, many media outlets and some atheist scientists sarcastically named it “the God Particle” as to make fun of the concept of God among believers.

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To shed light on the “God Particle” from an Islamic perspective, we present this interview with Dr. Shabir Ally.

Host: Safiyyah Ally, of “Let The Quran Speak

Guest: Dr. Shabir Ally.


Q: Scientists recently announced the discovery of Higgs boson, more commonly known as a God Particle. The discovery of one of the most fundamental particles which gives mass to all matter, gives creed in the science theory of the universe’s origins.

What relationship does the “God Particle” have with God?

What are the implications of the discovery?

Does it weaken arguments for creation?

And should people of religion welcome the discovery?

Here to discuss this with us is brother Shabir Ally, the President of the Islamic Information Centre.

Brother Shabir, to begin what is the “God particle”, as it’s called?

Dr. Shabir: We should start by saying that this is a misnomer. There is no such thing as a God particle. But, the Higgs boson, which has been nicknamed as the God Particle in the media, is, as you rightly described, the particle which explains how other particles that had no mass were able to develop mass later on, almost like one walking through a field covered with snow and picks up snow as one goes.

So it is thought that if particles which have no mass were to path through a Higgs Field, then those particles will acquire mass.

So the discovery of the Higgs boson now helps to, in a way, clarify and verify that there was a time when there were particles having no mass and then suddenly they developed mass. And this led to the way of stating the matter by saying: “Well, this explains creation out of nothing.”

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