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Islam Broke the Barriers Between Me and God

Islam Broke the Barriers Between Me and God

My mom said something really beautiful. When I was talking to her, she said: “Well if Islam makes you feel closer to God, then I’m happy for you.” Of course there are some things that are a little bit difficult for them to understand and that’s normal…

I Was Afraid of Islam and Muslims 1

I Was Afraid of Islam and Muslims

I was convinced that Islam was a misogynistic religion and that scared me… What if my partner becomes a bully? Or derogatory? Or worse, a woman beater? I had to do something… I had to stop him from practicing Islam. I began to watch some programs on…

Perfect the Religion

Why Did it Take Allah Several Prophets to Perfect the Religion?

Short Answer:  God made it man’s choice whether to obey His commandments or to challenge them. Out of His infinite Mercy God has sent His prophets to guide humans along the right path. Allah created the world with all its variegated bounties and put man in charge. And Guidance is given through the Prophets and Books. …

This Ramadan, Care For The Reverts

Ramadan can be an extremely lonely time for Muslim reverts. It is really important that we make sure that they feel included in the Muslim community and Ummah! Ramadan is Not the Month of Loneliness

Psychological Blessings of Taraweeh

Ramadan is the month of multiple blessings. It is the time of fasting and of extensive spiritual exercise. It is the time when we change our everyday routine and set a new one: revolving around our religious duties more than around the worldly affairs.

Fasting During Sports Competition: Can I Do It?

With sports events coinciding with Ramadan, many studies are investigating the effect of fasting on athletic performance. Will fasting hinder or reduce athletes’ performance? A tough question, indeed. In April 2012, the international journal of sports medicine published a research examining the effects of Ramadan fasting on athletes’ body mass, composition, and muscle potentials. Results …


Where Do All Religions Come From?

Short Answer: As said in the Holy Quran, Allah created Adam and Hawwa (Eve) and made them live in Paradise (the Garden). They disobeyed Allah’s command and consequently were sent out of the Garden, down to earth, which Allah designated as a place of residence for Adam, Eve and their children. That is how human life …

Islam Has Been Decreed For Me

Islam Has Been Decreed For Me

I embrace Islam in the UAE, Where gaining knowledge is almost everywhere accessible and for free. Alhamdulillah, familiarizing myself with the religion had been made easy.

The True Spirit of Jihad Made Me Muslim

The Arabic word “Jihad” is roughly translated as “to struggle and strive in the Way of God.” Jihad is to speak nicely to people when they speak poorly to you. It is a jihad to smile at others when you are not in the best mood. It’s a jihad to refrain from intoxicants…

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