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Faith is Like a Palm Tree

Faith is Like a Palm Tree

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described faith like a palm tree. If you try and shake a palm tree, you will see that it is so strong that it won’t move. This description is amazing! Crisis In Faith – How To Increase Faith

The Best Gift? A Righteous Friend

What is the best gift? A righteous friend. This is beautiful because if you have good friends who help you remember Allah and boost your faith, it is priceless. Sheikh Omar Suleiman discusses. Islam is Not Isolation – Seek Good Friends

Angel Gabriel Asks Prophet Muhammad About Faith

Angel Gabriel Asks Prophet Muhammad About Faith

One of the important and famous hadiths in the Sunnah is the hadith of Gabriel (peace be upon him). In this hadith, `Umar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) recounts an interesting incident:  An unknown man approached the Prophet and asked the Prophet a number of questions. Interestingly, he confirmed the answers as …

Actress Quits Bollywood, Says "It Damaged My Relationship with Allah"

Award-winning Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim has quit, saying that working in such an industry constantly interfered with her iman (faith) and threatened her relationship with her religion, NDTV reported Sunday. “Five years ago I made a decision that changed my life forever. As I stepped my foot in Bollywood, it opened doors of massive popularity …

Why Always Me? I’m Losing My Faith

Why Always Me? I’m Losing My Faith

In this counseling answer: • Happiness is not possessing all that the heart wants. Because the heart will never be satisfied. It is rather feeling satisfied with what you have. • People who list more blessing every day were less likely to feel sad, unhappy or even overwhelmed when faced with an obstacle in life or …

Shahadah - Know About The First Pillar of Islam

Shahadah - Know About the First Pillar of Islam

The Shahadah – declaration of faith- consists of two distinct parts, i.e., the absolute belief in the Unity of God and the belief in the Holy Prophet Muhammad as a mortal human being and the Messenger of God.

Feeling Measured on Faith?

Have You Ever Felt Measured on Your Faith?

This was my first time to be measured as a Muslim from the Muslim community. I thought it was an isolated incident with just me since I was the only one that was different. Although it hurt my feelings, I brushed it off and went about my life.

Life after Repentance: Why It Gets Harder

When Life Gets Harder After Repentance

Until a year ago, I was living a worthless life that I am not proud of. I could walk around unmindful of other people’s issues and situations. Worse, I committed sins and instead of feeling remorse, I felt regret for not committing a bigger sin so I could fit in with the wrong crowd. But …

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