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Manifestation of God Through Science All Around Us

Kurt Gödel was an American logician, mathematician and philosopher of Austrian descent.

As one of the iconic logicians in history, alongside Aristotle and Gottlob Frege, Gödel’s work was recognized years after his death in 1978. Was his work attempting to prove the existence of a Supreme Being for the Universe?

Gödel’s theories have since been picked up by other scientists who have attempted to prove the existence of God through mathematical formulae.

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While apparently there have been some findings of the existence of God, there are many shortcomings to the research itself, requiring further investigation and probably trial runs.

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Manifestation of God Through Science All Around Us - About Islam

While I am personally not a person with scientific prowess, and with all due respect to these scientists who are adamant in proving the existence of God through such high-tech means, the manifestation of His existence really surfaces all around us and it really does not require such complicated means to prove the same.

In fact, reading up on Gödel reminds me a lot about high school where in a conversation with a non-Muslim friend, she insisted that God did not exist at all. Funnily enough, this cropped up during physics class where we were discussing the Big Bang.

She mentioned that God did not create this earth, but the earth originated from the Big Bang. When I asked her who created the Big Bang, she replied that, “it just happened” and science was all that is needed for the world to trawl on.

Humans are born with the natural inclination to worship a Creator.

The Qur’an often talks about human beings being born in the state of fitrah – an innate need to worship his or her Lord. And within this fitrah, is also innate good in human beings as the most honorable creatures created by God.

However, it is due to upbringing or the environment that human beings begin to move away from this state of fitrah.

Fitrah is also strongly connected to nature. Children, who are the closest to fitrah – untainted and untouched by negativity in their surroundings, are often extremely close to nature.

It is known that it was the customs of the Arabs to send their children to the great outdoors as babies, so that as children they would be able to enjoy the desert and animals, rather than be running the streets of a congested city.

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