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Mother Reverts to Islam, Daughter Still Christian

In this counseling answer: “Keep on telling them, but use more actions than words. Let them see what Islam is in your actions, and gradually they may come to Islam by Allah’s mercy and guidance. Keep making du`aa’ as well. It is a good sign that they fasted in Ramadan, so work with them in small ways. …

From Pseudo Gangster To Islam!

He was a wannabe gangster living in East Germany. When he heard the Quran for the first time it made him cry and he didn’t know why. It soon led him to Islam.

Accept Truth

How Can My Parents Accept the Truth?

Short Answer: Inform your parents in a gradual way. They love you and they want what is best for you. And as they are Christians, they believe that Christianity is best for you. Showing them all the common grounds between Islam and Christianity, despite some differences, would make the issue a bit easier for them. Also …

I Converted to Islam

I Converted to Islam: How to Tell My Parents?

Short Answer: Islam commands us to treat parents kindly irrespective of their religion. You have to maintain a very strong relation with them. Listen to your parents attentively and argue with them in good manners. Always remember that your parents’ love for you will be the main factor in accepting the decision you have taken. Once they feel that you …

Is It True that Accepting Islam Wipes All Past Sins?

Is It True that Accepting Islam Wipes All Past Sins?

Short Answer: The generosity of Allah Almighty is limitless. He opens His doors of forgiveness and rewards to anyone who seeks Him sincerely and He never holds one accountable to that which was done in ignorance before knowing and committing to His path. So yes, indeed as you rightly said, when a person accepts Islam all …


About to Convert, Concerned About My Family

Short Answer: Muslims should be the best in goodness and in honoring their family because charity begins at home. As a person who really thinks about converting to Islam, you should also think about introducing Islam to your family and making them enjoy the blessing of knowing the way of Allah and His straight path. _____________________________________ …

Surrender to God

How Do I Surrender to God?

Short Answer:  There is an inspiring verse in the Quran known as the verse of The Throne. When you understand the meaning of this verse, it will help you to surrender to Almighty God who created all things. Also remember that we are truly submitting to Him when we prostrate ourselves to Him in prayer. …

When I Heard Adhan Every Day It Awakes Me!

Hamida was raised as a Catholic in the Philippines. When she moved to Dubai she heard the adhan every day and it made her feel awake. She felt closer to Allah and so she accepted Islam.

just became Muslim

My Friend Just Became a Muslim, What Should I Do to Help?

Short Answer: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, as Jesus said. Whatever you can imagine needing if you made the choice they made, do that for them. First, be a good friend and help them avoid feeling lonely. Also, help them find reliable sources of learning about Islam, but only …

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