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Why Did a Christian PhD Theologian of Bible Embrace Islam?

Why Did a PhD Theologian of Bible Embrace Islam?

What attracts me in Islam is the truth in the Quran. I found many inconsistencies in the Bible, and too many people are worshiping Jesus as if he’s God, and no man can be put before God. It never made sense to me not to my heart. I was looking for truth and nothing has ever felt so right for me.

2186 Expats Convert to Islam in Emirates

DUBAI – As many as 2,186 Dubai residents of different nationalities have reverted to Islam at the Dubai Islamic Information Centre, Dar Al Ber Society, in the first half of 2018. These figures, released by the charitable society, include 1,993 individuals who embraced Islam in Dubai and 193 at the association’s Ras Al Khaimah branch. …

Islam Was Inspired By The Devil!

His family taught him that Islam was inspired by the devil. After constantly hearing insults about Islam, he was curious enough to go and find out what Islam really was!

A Palestinian Introduced Me To Islam!

Brother Clifford, Amin, is an American citizen. He was living and working in Saudi Arabia when he asked a Palestinian man what is the adhan. From there he was introduced to Islam.

An American and a Muslim

Converting to Islam: An American and a Muslim?

Short Answer: I assure you that you will have fantastic days ahead of you. I could also assure you that you will be tested. Islam has a core of faith matters, acts of worship and morals. But beyond that, people from every culture adapt to Islam in their own special way based on their background. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Michael, Thank …


Mother Reverts to Islam, Daughter Still Christian

In this counseling answer: “Keep on telling them, but use more actions than words. Let them see what Islam is in your actions, and gradually they may come to Islam by Allah’s mercy and guidance. Keep making du`aa’ as well. It is a good sign that they fasted in Ramadan, so work with them in small ways. …

From Pseudo Gangster To Islam!

He was a wannabe gangster living in East Germany. When he heard the Quran for the first time it made him cry and he didn’t know why. It soon led him to Islam.

Accept Truth

How Can My Parents Accept the Truth?

Short Answer: Inform your parents in a gradual way. They love you and they want what is best for you. And as they are Christians, they believe that Christianity is best for you. Showing them all the common grounds between Islam and Christianity, despite some differences, would make the issue a bit easier for them. Also …

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