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Gaza War: Why Are Gen-Z Women Converting to Islam in Droves?

A growing number of millennial and Gen-Z women are becoming Muslim, saying they were inspired to take the decision after reading the Qur’an and seeing the ironclad faith of Palestinian people coping with the Gaza war.

The recent conversions started after the October 7 events and the eruption of the Israeli war on Gaza, which has so far killed more than 12,300 Palestinians.

Among them is Madison Reeves, a 24-year-old mom from Tampa, Florida, who became interested in Islam in September after speaking with a Muslim girl on a language app. 

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The outbreak of the Gaza war and the rate of genocide being perpetrated against the Palestinian people strengthened her resolve to convert. She shared a video of her wearing hijab on October 24 and celebrating her new faith.

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“It’s a big adjustment,” the army veteran told the Free Press.

Madison isn’t the only one making the decision to become a Muslim recently.

Also in October, American TikTok influencer and writer Megan Rice converted to Islam after reading the holy Qur’an.

Her journey to Islam started when she created a World Religion book club to read the Holy Qur’an in light of the ongoing genocide of Gaza. 

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More Converts

Another recent convert to Islam is Alex, a self-described ‘leftist queer gremlin’ TikToker, who recently purchased a copy of the Qur’an and began covering her hair with hijab, the Daily Mail reported.

In one of her videos, Alex hits back at criticism she is going to lapse back into Western ways once the ‘fad’ is over.

“What part of the Western lifestyle do you think I’m going to run back to?” she asks. “Uh, rampant capitalism? All the colonizing? Cause I hate both of those things.”

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Experts suggested for many, the choice is the “ultimate rebellion against the West”.

“Rebellion is part of being young,” Lorenzo Vidino, the director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, told the Free Press.

“At this point, what’s more rebellious, what’s more anti-Western and anti-capitalism and anti-establishment, than a conversion to Islam?”