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Understanding Christianity Led Her to Becoming a Muslim!

She learned more about Christianity and this opened her up to truly becoming a Muslim! Here is a wonderful story to Islam!

She was raised in a Christian family and it was instilled in her from a young age. As they got older they stopped going to church. But she never stopped believing in God.

As a young adult she believed in God but wasn’t practicing her faith. She was more of a “good vibes” person. She believed in being a good person and being guided by her moral conscience.

She met her first Muslim but she didn’t know that they were Muslim. The most she got to know, the more she realized that in Islam, Muslims believed in the same prophets as Christians. This inspired her to go on Google to know the differences between Islam and Christianity.

The more she looked into it the more she learned about Christianity and realized there was another Prophet after Jesus (PBUH). The more she got to know about Islam the more she thought how similar they are. She felt they are sister religions almost. There are differences but there are so many similarities.

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She was really shocked to find out that she was not supposed to eat pork, drink alcohol or dress immodestly as a Christian. So then she started questioning how does she know if the prophets were real or not? She doesn’t.

Then she started to think that if she doesn’t believe that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not the last Messenger of God then that is like someone in the Jewish faith believing that Jesus (PBUH) wasn’t real.

She decided that she had to believe that Muhammad (PBUH) was the last Messenger. She realized that there were the same practices in both religions. As she learnt more about Christianity, it opened her up to truly becoming Muslim.