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How Islam Reduced My Fears

How Islam Reduced My Fears

We listened to the imam reciting the holy verses and waves and waves of peace just washed over my fearful heart. Tears flowed from my eyes. I wanted to catch the peace, to keep it. I was afraid the peace will leave me and I will be there again with all my fears.

This Muslim Widow Turns Her Home to Cancer Patients Shelter

RABAT – A 72-year-old Moroccan Muslim widow has turned her house to a shelter for cancer patients after realizing how many people were forced to abandon outpatient treatment because of the expense of reaching the city and finding lodgings, Ilmfeed reported on Wednesday. Losing her husband to cancer in 2009, Khadija Ayad al-Qorti founded the …

Tabula Rogeriana

Islamic Start of Modern Geography

Although astronomers through their study of the universe were able to theorize about such general geographical concepts like the shape of the earth, early geography was for the most part a product of the imagination: a collection of wondrous fables and marvelous tales of faraway places.

Cycling from Morocco to Makkah for Hajj

Cycling from Morocco to Makkah: This Muslim Sets to Realize Hajj Dream

RABAT – From Meknes to Makkah – A 58-year-old Moroccan Muslim has challenged himself to make his Hajj pilgrimage journey this year by bicycle. “After a long experience in cycling, I thought ‘Why not experience a new travel outside Morocco?’ The first thing that I thought about is travelling for Hajj; bearing in mind that …

7 Muslim Countries to Watch in World Cup

MOSCOW – No Muslim country has ever won the football’s most prestigious competition, the FIFA World Cup. However, the best achievement for the Muslim World in the championship was Turkey’s historic qualification to semifinal and grabbing 3rd position in 2002, as well as Senegal’s qualification to the quarterfinals in the same tournament. In this 2018 …

Repentance story

From Germany to Morocco: Story of Two Hasans

At the Islamic Center, I found a message from a friend of the man I had been looking for, which read, “The man who posted the advertisement is in hospital suffering critical conditions, and he needs you and urgently asks for you”, with the address of the hospital mentioned in the message.

Morocco Involved in Discovery of Potentially Habitable Planets

Morocco Involved in Discovery of Potentially Habitable Planets

Moroccan astronomers have been involved in the recent discovery of a system of seven earth-sized planets orbiting a single star. Three of these planets are located within the star’s habitable zone. This is the largest number of planets found to-date in the habitable zone of a star outside our solar system. The planetary system was …

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet (Infograph)

The Mediterranean Countries are Albania, Algeria, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Palestine, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, and Tunisia.

NA Women Researchers Among World Highest: Study

The overall share of women researchers at North African universities and science centers is averagely ranked above their counterparts in world, European and developed countries, a study has revealed. The report, Education and Scientific Development in Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Countries 2016, published by the Turkey-based Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries or …

Drawn by its Tolerance

That night, I prayed, and read, leaving it to God to guide my reading. The first verse I read was about People of the Book — Christians and Jews — being part of God’s people. Well, that was an eye opener. A faith that is not only tolerant, but inclusive towards an opposed faith! I read on a bit.

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