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Muslim Charities Rush to Help Morocco after Devastating Quake

  • A powerful earthquake hit Morocco on September 8, killing more than 1000 people so far
  • Leading Muslim charities have launched an appeal for help.
  • Muslim Hands, Islamic Relief, Penny Appeal, and Muslim Aid have issued appeals for donations.

Sharing thoughts and prayers with the people of Morocco, leading Muslim charities have launched appeal for help after a devastating quake hit the country killing more than 1000 people.

The powerful earthquake struck Morocco at 11.11pm last night on the 8th of September 2023, as the number of victims is likely to rise in the days ahead.

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“More than 800 people have so far been reported dead, hundreds more are injured and buildings across the region have been reduced to rubble. As powerful tremors continue, we need your help to support our brothers and sisters,” Muslim Hands said in an appeal.

Muslim Charities Rush to Help Morocco after Devastating Quake - About Islam

“£100 can provide an emergency food parcel and water for earthquake survivors. Each food parcel lasts one month.”

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Many of the dead are thought to be in remote villages in the High Atlas mountains, the epicenter of the Morocco earthquake.


Occurring just 11 miles beneath the surface, the shallow earthquake was magnitude 6.8, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

The leading charity Islamic Relief has also issued a statement of solidarity with the people of Morocco.

“Islamic Relief does not have a presence in Morocco but we are closely monitoring the unfolding situation and are conducting rapid needs assessments, as local teams from neighboring countries are en route,” it wrote in a statement.

The Penny Appeal, a British Muslim charity, has also issued an appeal for help.

“Penny Appeal are working with our partners on the ground to deliver essential aid to communities affected by this tragic quake. Our teams are working hard to reach those most in need and help save as many lives as possible as we anticipate the colossal damage this tragic event will have,” the charity wrote.  

Another Muslim charity, Muslim Aid, also issued an appeal for donations to help survivors.