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Eating All You Can This Eid?

Envision a bronze roasted turkey, well-placed in the center of the table, surrounded by beautiful casseroles of assorted meats and vegetables, scalding soups, and mouth-watering family recipes passed down for generations.

New Muslims - How to Make the Most of Eid?

New Muslims in Eid

The Eid celebration is a chance to take one’s breath after the rigors of Ramadan and to thank Allah Almighty for the gift of being Muslim. Those new to Islam, whether they belong to a Muslim family or not, can join in this sentiment with all their hearts.


This Eid Start the Early Wake

A distinctive prayer performed after sunrise marks the start of Eid for Muslims around the world. What follows are four days of fun, family, feasting and holidaying, as the second of the two yearly holidays prescribed by Islam, Eid, is celebrated. Yet, launching a holiday by waking up early is definitely paradoxical to our modern …

Watching Udhiyah

Bloody Dilemma: Children Watching Udhiyah?

“I used to place little red ribbons on the sheep’s head. I knew that he’ll die but we didn’t see it happen. The slaughtering would happen while we slept.” This was how my mother recollected her memories of the udhiyah from her childhood. People in old Cairo usually buy the sheep a month before `Eid and keep it …

Waxing Crescent

When is Your Eid Fitr 1437?

The Astronomical New Moon (conjunction) will occur on Monday the 4th of July, 2016 at 11:01 UT. The moon can be only seen with telescopes in South America and in Polynesian Islands.

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