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Janet Kozak is a content strategist who helps businesses grow their brand with creative copywriting and content marketing. When she’s not writing and designing, you can find her indulging in masala fries or elbow deep in scraps of paper creating her one-of-a-kind art collages. Meet Janet and get ready to grow your business at http://janetkozak.com/

Author Articles

What No One Told You about Spiritual Abuse in Islam

Abuse in relationships is not only black eyes, bruises, and broken bones. With the exception of traumatic brain injury in Muslim victims, it’s often the abuse hidden from plain view – like financial, verbal, and spiritual abuse – that does the most damage to victims long-term. However, it’s the spiritual abuse we experience in a …


The Truth about Domestic Abuse and Children’s Development

Domestic violence – or more broadly, domestic abuse – is a type of abuse that occurs within family units. This can happen between spouses, across generations, and even between extended family members. Salma Elkadi Abugideiri, founder of the Peaceful Families Project, notes in a 2010 article for the Faith Trust Institute that there’s unfortunately a …


A part of me refused to die

“A Part of Me Refused to Die”

Nisha Sulthana, author of the autobiography “A Part of Me Refused to Die,” has always been a woman of few words. She possesses a shy side that she feels, at times, cripples her from speaking the truth. It’s therefore a blessing that, despite her shyness, she told the world her story. As a child she …


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