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Janet Kozak

Janet Kozak is a content strategist who helps businesses grow their brand with creative copywriting and content marketing. When she’s not writing and designing, you can find her indulging in masala fries or elbow deep in scraps of paper creating her one-of-a-kind art collages. Meet Janet and get ready to grow your business at http://janetkozak.com/

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How to Overcome the Social Stigma of Divorce

How to Overcome Social Stigma of Divorce

Read part one Read part two Read part three The stories of Muslim divorcées offer stark and heartbreaking perspectives of marriage and divorce. Many have escaped deadbeats, financial abusers, adulterers, and criminals. These true stories also expose the severe emotional and financial hardships that many Muslims experience. In some cultures it’s common for sisters to …


Blessings in intercultural marriage

So Many Blessings in Intercultural Marriage

Read part one Read part two Read part three Read part four As mentioned in previous articles in this series, intercultural marriages can be challenging. They may even run into issues just getting started in the first place! Some potential spouses face opposition from friends and family, or have to overcome stereotypes to see the …


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