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AMJA: Post-Elections Principles and Roadmap (Statement)

AMJA: Post-Elections Principles and Roadmap (Statement)

We shall adhere to our rights and the rights of other Americans and shall strengthen our bonds with the civil rights organizations, Muslim or non-Muslim. We shall work with them and defend them whenever needed. However, at the same time, we must always fulfill our obligations completely and be active participants in society working to protect the security and well-being of its inhabitants.

Community Holds “Meet Your Muslim Neighbor” Event in Minnesota

Showcasing a remarkable solidarity gesture, a hundred members of community in Rochester, Minnesota, gathered on Friday, Nov. 18, in an event themed ‘Meet Your Muslim Neighbor”. This event was organized to discuss the aftermath of the US elections 2016,sets through which Donald Trump unexpectedly secured victory and is now set to be the US 45th …

A Third Way? Re-strategizing for American Muslims

It is obvious from the exit polls and various analyses of the latest United States election that Donald Trump won basically because of the large voting block of the “white, male, non-college degree, Christian, rural” vote. It is true that the Republicans – unethically and opportunistically – utilized racism, greed, fear and misogyny to encourage …

US Muslim Imams: High Morale Despite Shock

US Muslim Imams: High Morale Despite Shock

Many in the US are shocked by the elections results; for them, the Trump’s win is a terrible nightmare. Social media is now full of posts and tweets expressing frustration, fear and concerns about the future of the country. Muslims in the US are no exception. However, Imams and scholars, though having the same feelings, …

US Election Day: Reactions of Imams in America

US Election Day: Reactions of America's Imams

As US voters cast their ballots today to decide the president of America, what do Muslim Imams in the US say about this crucial day? We collected here some posts on this historic event.

Why Vote?

Dr. Kifah Mustapha: Why Vote?

In this video, Dr. Dr. Kifah Mustapha, Imam & Director at The Prayer Center of Orland Park, IL, US, explains in 4 points why it is important for Muslims to participate and vote in the ongoing US elections. He also responds to some concerns that some Muslims may have, for example; when we vote for someone, does …


Faith Activism - Preparing American Muslim Youth to Be Community Leaders

With Trump’s xenophobia and the presidential elections, American Muslim organizations train youth to be politically active in their communities. “Of course, I want to run for a public office. It is my long term goal. This is my calling!” said Saif Hamideh, a resident of Florida, with enthusiasm. Hamideh, who is in his early twenties, …

Thoughts On Second Debate: Policy vs Loyalty

As the clock ticked past midnight, I eagerly awaited the second US presidential debate between Clinton and Trump, the 2005 remake of the movie War of the Worlds was being screened on BBC1.

Parents of Fallen Muslim Soldier Address ISNA

The Muslim parents of a fallen US Army captain in Iraq War appeared as special guests at the Islamic convention on Saturday, September 3, in Rosemont, Chicago, warning that the assault on the Islamic community and religion would continue after the November election.

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