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Emerge USA ‘An Evolution not a Revolution"

`Eid Parties have become a regular feature at the White House. Muslims have attended Iftars and given invocations at both political party conventions. We now also have an `Eid Stamp issued by the United States post office. And while this might have had a great deal of impact on public relations, it does not necessarily translate into a change in public policy.

We Are Not Guests, We Are Citizens!

Islam is being blamed for much of the violence in the world these days. With more than half the states considering “anti-Islam” legislation, no one can afford to remain silent this election cycle. The recent upsurge in anti-Muslim rhetoric, especially among Republican candidates, has prompted many American Muslim change agents to launch campaigns of their own.

Obama Praises Patriotic American Muslim Soldiers

American President Barack Obama confirmed on Thursday, August 4, that American Muslim community remains a frontline against terrorism, praising their patriotic role either in military or public life.

US Muslim Voters Increase By 60%

American Muslim civil rights groups have been leading campaigns to encourage Muslims to register in November polls, in a bid to have a voice against rising Islamophobic sentiments in politics.

Cure for Anti-Muslim Bigotry Released in US

CAIRO – America’s largest civil rights group has launched a satirical public awareness campaign to challenge growing anti-Muslim sentiments in America, distributing a mock-medicine designed to “cure” Islamophobia. “We hope humor will help create public awareness about the harm Islamophobia does not only to ordinary American Muslims, but also to the values of equality and …


London Mayor Slams Trump Views on Islam

London mayor Sadiq Khan brushed aside Donald Trump’s suggestion that he would exempt him from his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States, slamming the Republican presidential hopeful’s views of Islam.

Sanders Rally New York Muslims

As Americans vote in New York’s Primary Day on Tuesday, April 19, Democrat presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders campaign released a powerful ad targeted at the state’s 100,000 Muslim voters, tugging at the very heart of Islamophobia and hate promoted by Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

American Groups Unite Against Trump

Different groups of Muslim, black, Hispanic and Latino Americans have united against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump polarizing messages, in a clear rejection of his notions of racial divide.

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