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Syrian Students Sit on the Ground in Makeshift Schools

Syrian Students Sit on the Ground in Makeshift Schools

With no desks, library or even working toilets, Syrian children are pursuing their education under the shadow of war in Syria’s northern city of Idlib. Around 100 children gather every day at a makeshift school in anabandoned villa to listen to lessons given by their teachers. Dressed in bright blue T-shirts and jeans, the children …

Syrian Boy Traumatized at losing His Sight Due to War

Syrian Boy Traumatized at Losing Sight Due to War

Traumatized at losing his sight, 9-year-old Abdul Moeen al-Hassan kicks and screams frantically as his heartbroken father tries to calm him. The Syrian childwas blinded when his home in Syria was bombed. With his eyes and hands bandaged, he calls for his father, screaming: “Papa, papa, I can’t see.” The boy was brought to hospital …


#SaveGhouta: Help the Helpless

More than 640 people have been killed since 18 February, more than 150 of them children, AFP news agency reports. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, says fighting on the ground intensified there on Saturday. Some 393,000 people are trapped in the Eastern Ghouta, which has been besieged by the government …


Prominent Muslim Figures Launch Fundraising Event for Aleppo (Join)

In Aleppo, thousands of families are buried along with their dreams. There is a haunting aura of doom, destruction, and carnage. “Where are you?!” scream out the powerless victims of atrocity and genocide. Where is the help indeed? AlMaghrib Institute in conjunction with Islamic Relief, is hosting Emergency Appeal for Aleppo. Join Waleed Basyouni, Yasir …


Aleppo Faces Worst Humanitarian Crisis (Help Now)

The crisis in Syria is the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century. The conflict is now in its sixth year and the United Nations estimates that at least 2500,000 people have died and the death toll continues to rise daily. “Aleppo is now a synonym for hell,” United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. Join one …

A Syrian Witness of Ghouta Chemical Attacks Recalls Horror Story - About Islam

A Syrian Witness of Ghouta Chemical Attacks Recalls Horror Story

Three years on after Ghouta chemical attack which resulted in a tragic human life loss of 1,400 innocent civilians. A third of them were children, gassed to death during the early hours of the day while they are asleep. And the world has done very little about it.Artino, a war photographer, rushed to the scene. …


Save Aleppo: A Call for Humanity

A woman’s face and clothes are a deathly white from the dust of a building wrecked by an air strike, save for the stream of blood flowing from her head wound. A father’s loving arms hold a young child tightly as yet another family is shaken to its core by the trauma of Syria’s …

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