Prominent Muslim Figures Launch Fundraising Event for Aleppo (Join)

In Aleppo, thousands of families are buried along with their dreams. There is a haunting aura of doom, destruction, and carnage.

“Where are you?!” scream out the powerless victims of atrocity and genocide. Where is the help indeed?

AlMaghrib Institute in conjunction with Islamic Relief, is hosting Emergency Appeal for Aleppo.

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Join Waleed Basyouni, Yasir Qadhi, Yasmin Mogahed, Yahya Adel Ibrahim,Ammar, Mohammed Mana Omar Suleiman, and Asmaa Hussein for an Urgent Online Fundraiser.

Aleppo needs you.

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Sheikh Omar Suleiman


Shiekh Yasir Qadhi

Yasmin Mogahed

Yahya Adel Ibrahim