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Do You Feel Bad While You Commit a Sin?

Do You Feel Bad While You Commit a Sin?

That’s a sign that your heart is alive. Because if it was dead, you wouldn’t feel it when you committed that sin. When it comes to the sin, it is important that you don’t lose your fitrah. Don’t let sins become so normalized in your life just because they become…

What Is The First Step After You Sin

What Is The First Step After You Sin?

What is the first step after you sin? You know that Allah is the One who constantly forgives. So as soon as you sin, you must believe Allah is the most forgiving.

The Prophet and the Alcoholic

The Story of Prophet Muhammad and the Alcoholic

The Prophet’s conduct shows us the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. In spite of the fact that Abdullah the alcoholic was frequently being summoned before the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Prophet drew everyone’s attention to one of Abdullah’s positive qualities…

On Repentance and Hope

Ibn `Ataa' on Repentance and Hope

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam (Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad Ibn `Ataa’illah As-Sakandari says: “If you find yourself having less hope in God when you make a mistake, then realize you are only relying on your work, not on God’s Mercy” When I have an intention to commence on a spiritual journey to God, I …

What Sin Can I Not Repent for While I Am Alive?

Is there such a thing as an unforgivable sin? We all sin. That is part of our human nature. In fact, the best of us in the sight of Allah Almighty are the ones who turn back to Him and seek forgiveness. Are there any sins which you are not able to repent for while …

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim's Tips to Improve Your Patience

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim's Tips to Improve Your Patience

As Almighty Allah has enjoined patience, He has also provided some means that lead to it and support it. Whenever Allah ordains something, He grants the necessary help and appoints the way to maintain it. Indeed, Almighty Allah never inflicts a disease unless He provides its remedy, through which recovery is ensured if He wills. …

Sin Has Come Into Your Bedrooms

Sin has come into your bedrooms, you call it a laptop. Sins has come onto your pillows, you call it a mobile phone. Sin engulfing us all in the bedrooms.

Struggle and the Path of Abraham

Struggle and the Path of Abraham

The message from Abraham’s life is simple- the love of Allah trumps all other loves- love for his wife, love for a son, love for life (interestingly all halal sources of love). He was willing to keep his wife and son in the middle of a desert, all because Allah asked Him to.

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