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What is Mina? The Tent City

What is Mina? The Tent City

Mina – a valley situated 5km east to the Holy city Makkah. Also know as “Tent City”, as there are more than 100,000 air conditioned tents permanently situated by the government for the pilgrims; as this is the main place to stay – 8th Dhul Hijjah then 10th-13th Dhul Hijjah.

mina tents

Hajj 2019: Mina Gets Multi-Storey Tents For First Time

For the first time in history, multi-storey tents will be established during this year’s Hajj season to provide pilgrims with more space and increase the accommodation capacity in the city of Mina, Aaj.tv reported. “This is within the Kingdom’s efforts to upgrade the services being extended to the pilgrims and is also within the efforts …

Pilgrims Converge on Jamarat to Stone Devil

MAKKAH– Over two million pilgrims continued on Wednesday, August 22, the symbolic stoning of the devil in what has been so far a safe and smooth hajj. The first day of the three-day stoning ritual began Tuesday, August 21, the first day of `Eid Al-Adha, at Jamrat Al-Aqaba. “It is a beautiful feeling,” said Egyptian …

Pilgrims Flock to Arafat in Hajj Climax

MAKKAH – Seeking forgiveness from Allah, millions of Muslim pilgrims ascended Monday, August 20, Mount `Arafat, east of the holy city of Makkah, in the climax of hajj after spending a night of meditation and introspection in the tent city of Mina. “Today is the most important part of the hajj, and we are all …

Mina: The City of 5-Day Sojourn

Coming to life for less than a week annually, the city of Mina is ready to welcome over 2 million pilgrims – of whom about 1.8 million have come from across the world, a Saudi Gazette report says.

Two Million Muslim Pilgrims Throng Mina as Hajj Begins

MAKKAH – About two million white-clad Muslim pilgrims from around the globe have begun moving on Sunday, August 19, to Mina on the first leg of their journey of a lifetime, preparing for the climax of Hajj when they ascend Mount `Arafat. “This is the first time I have seen the Grand Mosque and the …

A Dutch Revert on His Hajj Journey

A Dutch Revert's Memories on His Hajj Journey

Step by step, I leave all materialistic matters and privacy behind me until I sleep outside underneath the clear sky. To return to God is to return to oneself. Everything that ties you down in this world slowly disappears. Your choices and strength of belief surface. It is a learning experience.

Pedestrian Routs Connect Arafat, Mina

Making the journey of hajj easier to Muslim pilgrims, Saudi officials have completed pedestrian routs from Mount Arafat to Mina, passing through Muzhalifah.

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