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US Muslim Film Festival Promotes Cultural Representation

NEW YORK – Over the years, there has been increasing calls for media representation by members of the United States’ tapestry of races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. American Muslims are among those who appreciate, create, and work to promote diversity in the country’s art and artistry. Consuming media void of little to no depictions of a …

Hummus 'Breaks Barrier and Unites People' at Windsor Festival

WINDSOR, Ontario – People of different faiths and cultures in Windsor, Ontario, came together on Sunday, September 24, to socialize and eat hummus at the city’s first Hummus Festival. “A lot of people came out, and so there’s a lot of support from the community,” Ameen Fadel, the founder, and CEO of Cedar Valley Selections, …

Manchester Hosts Festival to Celebrate Muslim Art, Culture

MANCHESTER – A new multi-arts festival is coming to Manchester, the UK, this November, with more than 40 events taking place over ten days, Manchester Evening News reported on September 12. The founder Qaisra Shahraz, a British-Pakistani novelist and journalist who has lived in Manchester for most of her life, hopes that ‘MACFEST’ festival will …

Halal Festival

Toronto Set for North America's Largest Halal Food Festival

TORONTO – The 6th edition of ‘Halal Food Fest Toronto’ billed as “North America’s largest halal food festival” will be held on July 14-15, Daily Hive reports. Over 35,000 visitors from different Canadian communities are expected to enjoy the festival at the International Center in Mississauga, Canada. More than 200 halal restaurants, bakeries, manufacturers, specialty stores and …

UK First Muslim Festival Planned in April

LONDON – The UK’s first festival celebrating Muslim culture, literature, and ideas is coming to the British Library in London in April, to challenge stereotypes and correct misconceptions about Islam. “We are delighted to launch a festival of books and ideas that recognize the diversity, differences, and dynamics of Muslim cultures and lives,” MFest Director …


Spending Eid with Your PC

Hundreds of millions of Muslims all over the world are eagerly awaiting the annual Eid festival, but the reasons for this enthusiasm are as diverse as the people themselves. While many see it as an opportunity to take stock of their activities throughout the year, reflect over their misdeeds and reposition themselves for the coming …


Health Benefits of Yogurt for Eid

Yogurt is a popular food in different cultures in spite of vegan controversies raised about it. Fortunately, though, this controversy only pertains to commercially produced cow milk and milk products. As one of the oldest foods known to man, yogurt is a product of pure milk. Indeed, “We give you to drink of what is …

Muslims Host Cultural Festival in Oregon

A Muslim education trust in Tigard, Oregon, will be hosting its inaugural Portland International Muslim Cultural Festival on Saturday, July 8, giving the larger community a chance to know and experience the Islamic culture.

Diverse New England Welcomes Muslim Festival

American Muslims in New England, Boston are inviting Malden community to know more about their faith, culture and traditions in a special festival planned next Sunday, hoping to create a greater awareness about Islam and counter some of the prevalent misconceptions.

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