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Australia Muslims Donate Hay to Drought-Hit Farmers

SYDNEY – Muslims in Brisbane and Sydney have raised more than $60,000 in six weeks, donating hundreds of hay bales to drought-affected farmers in the region. “We realize how serious a situation this drought is and that the repercussions go down the line, and will eventually reach us,” Yusuf Khatree, president of the Muslim charitable …

Aussie Muslims Donate 33 Tons of Hay to Drought-Stricken Farmers

BRISBANE – In the midst of huge efforts to raise funds over the past weeks, a Muslim charity in Brisbane, Australia, has donated tonnes of hay to farmers in western Queensland who were affected by the recent drought. “We’ve brought with us three truckloads of 44 bales of hay in each truck,” Brisbane-based Muslim Charitable …

pray rain

Why Pray For Rain? Floods Kill, Too!

Short Answer: Prophet Muhammad taught his companions the prayer for asking for rain, and also asking that the rain would only be beneficial and not harmful. Thus it covers both situations: no rain and excessive rain.  Peace be upon you, dear reader, Thank you for sending us your question, and we hope that you get an answer …

Famine Threatens Millions in Drought-Hit Somalia (Help Now)

As a severe drought deepens in Somalia, millions of people are left at the risk of famine  in the war-torn country. Somali authorities declared that at least 110 people have died of hunger over a two-day span in one region because of the drought. Humanitarian agencies reports have also alluded to the worrying similarities, especially the …

Famine Kills Hundreds as Drought Ravages Somalia

Famine Kills Hundreds as Drought Ravages Somalia

According to NPR.org, at least 6.2 million people in Somalia — or just about half the country — are grappling with the prospect of an acute food shortage due to deepening drought. The Somali Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire, and the Somali National Drought Committee, announced that over a two-day span, at least 110 people …


Madinah's Desalinated Water Isn't Enough

The amount of desalinated water pumped to Madinah from desalination plants in Yanbu cannot meet the increasing demand of Madinah people on this natural resource, said the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in explanation to water cuts in numerous neighborhoods.

Planet Earth

Melting Ice Creates Wobble in Earth’s Axis

Using satellite data on how water moves around Earth, NASA scientists have solved two mysteries about wobbles in the planet’s rotation — one new and one more than a century old. The research may help improve our knowledge of past and future climate.

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