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Muslim Youth Raise Money for COVID-19 Relief for Refugees

The COVID-19 pandemic is a chapter of our lives that can never be erased.

As it quickly spreads on a global scale, the world’s displaced people and refugees are among the most vulnerable.

In reaction to this, a group of young Muslim youth in Brooklyn have come together to help raise $100,000 for COVID-19 relief for refugees through Raise4Refugees.

“As Muslims, it is our duty to help those in need and minimize suffering in the world. The people of Palestine are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, and in particular, refugee camps,” Yousef Mahmoud Abou Areda, a 19-year-old Muslim who lives in Park Slope, told Bklyner.

“As an aspiring physician, I find it necessary to utilize my resources and knowledge to heal others.”

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As a campaign by Islamic Relief USA, Raise4refugees would help prevent the spread of COVID-19 for Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.

Islamic Relief will use the funds to deliver medical supplies. They will also sanitize these crowded communities that lack nearby hospitals and house one in every three refugees.  

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, local Muslims have been engaging in humanitarian work for COVID-19 relief.

Muslims Giving Back was feeding the homeless every night. Several local organizations also came together to launch food carts that gave out free halal meals.