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Why are Muslim Youth Disengaged with Islam?

We have a problem with our Muslim youth. Many of them are not going to the mosques, many are disengaged with Islam. They are drifting away from Islam, why? Jeffrey Lang discusses this very important topic. Radicalization of Muslim Youth – Who Is to Blame?

T-O-Y-S-S Teaching Our Youth Survival Skills - A Riddle

It was after Jumuah when the family returned home. The parents watched their daughter rush to the front door to look at the big brown box. She read the letters “T-O-Y-S-S” out loud.   Leila asked “Are the T-O-Y-S-S for me? “ Her parents looked at each other. Neither one knew anything about the box. …

Ramadan lantern

The Amazing Race of Ramadan (Series)

In a smooth, appealing writing style, Lilly Mohsen writes a 4-part-series on the blessings of Ramadan. Don’t miss this special collection! Episode One The Amazing Race of Ramadan: It’s an Inside Job! Thundering, slamming sounds of doors locking. Roaring noises of steel chains clattering together. Hearts melt as the smiles fill the skies. And the golden …

Why Volunteer in Ramadan?

Why Volunteer in Ramadan?

Ramadan is truly a blessed time, a special time when we discover the reality of ourselves. For some, this is a frightening experience while it is reassuring for others. When we endure the rigors of fasting, our pretenses fall and we are more likely to see what we are really made of. This can be …

‘Britain is Bismillah’: New Muslim Poem Sparks Mixed Reactions

A new spoken word poem, performed at an event hosted by Runnymede Trust and the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London, in the UK has gone viral as its Muslim poet Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan received a bunch of mixed reactions, Metro reported. “I decided to perform the poem after I was asked to …

Muslim Youth - Your Guide Against Bullying

Many Muslim youth in the West are facing bullying in their schools. If this is happening to you, here is your guide against bullying! 4 Ways to Conquer Anti-Muslim Bullying

Where do Muslim Students Stand at America’s Top-Rated High School?

Where Do Muslim Students Stand at America’s Top-Rated High School?

Phillips Academy, a private college-prep school located in Andover Massachusetts, has copious clubs for students to lead and join. Hana Illikkal and Moumina Khan are co-leaders of the Muslim Student Association. When asked why they decided to become the authority figures of this club, they had unique responses, but for both girls, it came down …


How to Motivate Ourselves?

Often the most difficult challenge to improving our life, to making a change, or to implement a plan is finding out how to motivate ourselves to take the first step toward a goal and then to remain constantly motivated. Have you given some thought to what motivates you? What gets you going when there are …

Change of Heart - Inspiring Short Film

Change of Heart - Inspiring Short Film

What happens when one’s past comes back to haunt them? What if you get to know about sins your spouse committed in the past? Do we as Muslims accept each others’ repentance and let it go or we judge each other ? Does a change of heart change the past? Watch this short film by West …

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