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20 Popular Questions Asked by Teens

20 Popular Questions Asked by Teens

Your parents say one thing. Your friends say another. But what does Islam say regarding relationships, crushes and other issues facing teens today? Many people write to us with questions that perhaps they wouldn’t be too comfy asking mom, the sheikh or even their bestie. We’ve compiled a list of questions we get asked on …

Student Loan

How to Finance Your Education without a Student Loan

If you are a high school student looking forward to pursuing higher education, then this video is for you! For Muslim students, higher education could be a challenge as they might feel unable to take on interest-bearing loans for religious reasons. In the Islamic faith there is a strong prohibition against dealing with any sort of interest …

British Muslims

Muslim Journalist Explores Online World of British Muslims

From dating to gaming and creating their own online spaces, Muslim youth and the internet are usually paired together in an interesting and innovative way that has been explored by journalist Hussein Kesvani in his new book, Al-Araby reported. Kesvani explores in his first book, Follow Me, Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims, how …

Benefits of Volunteering

5 Benefits of Volunteering

Have you ever thought of benefits of volunteering? Volunteering is a beneficial and productive form of sadaqa. By volunteering you’re not only benefiting others, you are earning reward, and – a fact that is often overlooked – learning how to become more productive in your everyday life. Here are 5 ways that volunteering encourages those …

How A Yoga Class Made Me Fall in Love with Prayer

How A Yoga Class Made Me Fall in Love with Prayer

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with praying. It was February and I was numb. My heart had experienced loss, and as a result my life had consisted of profound emptiness. That cold Saskatchewan morning, I met with a friend for breakfast before heading to a yoga class nearby. I was exhausted. …

free ways to study

13 Easy, Painless and Free Ways to Study Over Summer

We suggest three different approaches to keeping your brain well-running this summer:  online courses, planning ahead, and/or educating yourself. There are plenty of free ways to study while still enjoying your Summer break! If you were thinking these are your study-free months – but wait! There is lots of good reason and science that encourages learning during the …

What to Do in Summer? 10 Ways to Be More Productive

What to Do in Summer? 10 Ways to Be More Productive

Summer is finally here! It’s time for days spent in relaxation, travelling and hanging out with friends. While it is definitely important to take enough time to relax, don’t forget that summer is also a great time to take advantage of opportunities you can’t manage during the busy days of the school year. Now, you should be asking …

Is Love an Essential Ingredient Before Marriage?

Why are we still single? Are we going through a marriage crisis? Is love an essential ingredient before marriage? Please note this is part three of the post. If you haven’t had the chance to read part one and part two ,we recommend you do so to be able to understand the whole message. There are 8 essential …

An Islamic Summer for the Youth

Islamic Summer for Youth: Any Suggestions?

Short Answer:  The most important element of a successful summer vacation from an Islamic perspective is the company we keep. Our friends will either make or break our deen. Getting daily exercise with the brothers will keep your summer relaxing and will help to control your desires. Perhaps you can join Islamic summer camps. They would be both …

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