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3 Things Happen When You Give Zakah

How Charity Can Make You More Productive

Charity brings barakah to our wealth but it could benefit our time and personal matters. And sadaqah can save your soul from punishment in the Hereafter. There are amazing benefits in this life and the next. The best investment ever is when you give sincerely and not to be seen by others.

UK Muslim Charity to Receive Queen Award for Voluntary Work - About Islam

UK Muslim Charity to Receive Queen Award for Voluntary Work

A Nottingham-based Muslim charity will receive an award from the Queen to recognize its voluntary work to alleviate poverty and help low-income families, Nottingham Post reported Wednesday. “We are delighted to be honored and recognized for the work Muslim Hands staff and volunteers have achieved,” Lakhte Hussanain, Muslim Hands Chairman, said. “For more than 25 …

Milwaukee homeless

Muslim Volunteers Help Homeless in Milwaukee

Volunteers from the Muslim Community and Health Center teamed up with Hayat Pharmacy to offer health screenings at the homeless encampment in downtown Milwaukee, ABC News reported. “Our mission since day one has been to serve those that are most at need. So, we love to advocate for anyone who does not have access [to …

US Muslims for migrants

US Muslims Raise Funds to Unite Migrant Families

Extending a helping hand to immigrants, American Muslims have kicked off a new campaign to bail out detained migrant parents, helping to reunite their families as soon as possible. “The Muslim community extends its hands to help provide relief to immigration jail detainees – specifically parents – who cannot afford to pay bail,” the fundraising …

I’m Unable to Save Money; What Am I Doing Wrong?

I’m Unable to Save Money; What Am I Doing Wrong?

In this counseling answer: • Alhamdulillah, you have a job and you pay your zakat andsadaqah. In these alone there is barakah. • Ask yourself whether having 0 at the end of the month is a bad thing. • Try and focus on the positive things you have in your life rather than the negativeones. …

10 Blessed Days: An Amazing Time for Giving - About Islam

10 Blessed Days: An Amazing Time for Giving

The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah are often referred to as the best ten days of the year, and a second chance after Ramadan. For those of us not performing the Hajj pilgrimage this year, this is still a great time of blessing and an immense reward. Give Charity Thesetenblessed days are an amazing …

Sadio Mane

Mane Builds School, Hospital, Mosque in Home Country

Liverpool and Senegal Muslim superstar Sadio Mane has been spotted visiting the construction site of a school he’s building in his hometown village in Senegal, The Sun reported Monday. Mane, who is still fresh from leading Teranga Lions to the final of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt, headed to his place of …

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